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Social Learning: A Different Approach to Learning

by Christeen Akkarawatte | 15 Mar 2018

Most of us are used to learning in a structured format. Meaning, the learning process is one way. In contrast, social learning is simply the process of learning from each other. Plus, you get to share your own ideas. Those who are learning professionals are familiar with this concept. However, others (like myself), never really realised that such a concept does exist; despite the fact that we do social learn on a daily basis. Social learning can be found online through social media networks, and also offline such as in conferences, group assignments, or even during a cup of coffee. Another great platform that involves social learning is FutureLab. You find people from around the world, connect and share ideas/knowledge with each other, forming a ‘knowledge centre’. Now, why is social learning beneficial? Social learning improves communication among one another Since you’re learning as a team, it helps improve your communication skills. You learn how to explain different ideas to your colleagues in an easier way. If you’re shy to speak to too many people at once, you can always start off with a friend. Promotes teamwork / collaborative work Social learning not only helps improve communication skills but also encourage more collaborative work. You are more likely to team up with your colleagues to organise a social learning experience for your company. This helps you learn to work together as a team, coming up with a fun interactive itinerary. Promotes constructivism In simple words, constructivism is where learning is active and learners are also teachers. From my understanding, an individual constructs their own understanding of a topic, by compiling different existing ideas, which is then shared with peers/colleagues. Therefore, social learning is a great way to encourage constructivism (learn more about constructivism from here). Could be your chance to train yourself to be a mentor Social learning is a great opportunity to train yourself to be a mentor. You share your own thoughts and ideas on an issue or task. Especially if it is within your level of expertise, you can teach your peers/colleagues and you will, in turn, receive knowledge. (To learn more about why being a mentor is important, click here) Social learning will help spice up the interactivity in your workplace. All the more reason to add it to your training sessions. What do you think about social learning? Do you think it is important an important approach to learning? Voice out your ideas in the comment section below. To experience social learning, join the FutureLab community here!  Written by:  Christeen Akkarawatte.  A final year student at Monash University, majoring in Communications and Global Studies. She is also a FutureLab Campus Writer, a program aimed at enabling university students to begin writing and growing their own active communities on FutureLab alongside many influential mentors.

Management Consulting: The Perfect Prep for Entrepreneurship

by FutureLab | 22 Jun 2017

Many dream of going to prestigious universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Adamas Belva Syah Devara, co-founder of Ruangguru, an education tech startup in Indonesia, is one of those who achieved that dream. Not only that, he holds a dual degree–an MBA from Stanford University and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University. Despite the brilliant academic achievements, he says that what provided him useful skills to be an entrepreneur is not his university education but  his first job as a McKinsey & Company consultant.   “At McKinsey, for the first time I truly experienced what is is like working at a big organisation. Colleges were more of a place to learn how do I best learn,” said Belva. There are at least two lessons from working as management consultant that Belva deems very useful, especially when applied to running and developing his company, Ruangguru. The first lesson is structured problem solving. As a consultant, Belva learned to always use structures in solving any problem. This structured approach has shaped the way he works.   “I believe that every problem can be solved as long as we have the right structure. Big problem could be divided into bite-sized problems. When we have solved the small ones, the big problem will be solved automatically,”  Belva shared.   The second lesson he deems useful is the client relationship skill. This skill, according to Belva, is very important in consulting, since no matter how great the recommendation given to a client, it all comes down to how convinced the clients are. “It is not enough for you just to be smart. You have to also be able to influence and there needs the right technique. Consulting is often an art of involving people so the clients do not feel as if we instructing them to do A, B, or C. We have to make them feel like the solution is a result of our collaboration. The level of buy-in is important as the actual solution itself.”   On the other side, there are things that are new for Belva–things he otherwise wouldn’t have learned if he did not run a startup.   “At my job at McKinsey, I didn’t get to make very difficult decisions. Normally, a project is well-defined and the most difficult decision I had to make was only around analysis and recommendation–there was no real consequence. At startup, I have to take difficult decisions. Deciding to fire or hire somebody is difficult. You need to build that thick skin and there is a high level of accountability involved.”       Written by: Raisa Nabila Community Manager at Bukapintu (Indonesia) Raisa is Community Manager at Bukapintu, a career network for Indonesian students and fresh graduates. She believes that storytelling and pop culture are powerful tools to change the world. Raisa is always on board for any cause that encourages people to find their life purpose earlier.    

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3 Tips to Take Pride in Your Own Success

by Frank Looi | 2 Jun 2017

Life is like a marathon: you’ve always got to arrive somewhere and achieve something while time sweeps beneath us like fabric. In our own journey, it is easy to forget that others are also on their journey of life with moments of joy and pain. (Photo: Paulius Jacionis & Quotefancy) June could be that month where you need a little bit of push for the rest of the year; so here is a reminder from our mentors for you to take pride in yourself, especially moments that are toughest and closest to you. These are heartfelt stories of grit, success, perseverance and pride as told by our mentors.   1. Sirhajwan Idek I always believe that my greatest accomplishment as a teacher is the achievements of my students. I invariably find it hard to educate and motivate my students but my persistence has been a key element to delivering outcomes: my students have shown major improvement in terms of their confidence and competence our unprecedented participation and accomplishment in English competitions, academic events, innovations and entrepreneurship we continue to explore more opportunities and possibilities. What made me proud even if they did not win – even if they were placed last – was the “winner” attitude and positive mindset that they had developed in the p r o c e s s. Their accomplishments have helped me earned state, national and international awards and although I won many awards, they have been the greatest award I have ever attained. They are the greatest accomplishment that I am most proud of.   2. Tarminder Singh We all have something we are proud of; something to look back upon with a great sense of pride. These not only serve as a motivation but also shows you that the seemingly impossible can be p o s s i b l e. For me, the accomplishment that I am most proud is one of personal success. When I finished high school, I was an obese teen and tipped the scales at 100kg. At that point, I knew that this had to change and the change had to be an inner desire rather than forced. Determined, I signed up for a gym, educated myself on fitness and nutrition, came up with a fitness plan and in 3 months, I lost 10kgs (and 30kgs in 1 year). Not resting on my laurels, I made sure this turned into a lifestyle change. Today, I am glad to say that my weight issues are a problem of the past. This taught me several life lessons: a sustainable plan triumphs quick-fix schemes focus on the end goal, and more importantly inner motivation is a powerful tool for any c h a n g e in this world. Since then, I have had many other accomplishments (career and personal-related), but this one tops the list as this showed me that you and I could achieve anything if we want it bad enough. (via GIPHY) 3. Thatchu Selvarajan My proudest accomplishment to date is securing an opportunity for me to further my career in UK/Europe. Attempting to secure an industrial placement has taught me a lot about how competitive the market can be, especially in the engineering field. Most importantly, not letting the failure of others’ attempts put me down was key to persevering. With that in mind, securing a role on a program with a company that affords me European & global exposure, leadership training, challenging roles, and career progression was everything I could ever ask for in a job out of university. It has been an exciting journey so far with tons more to offer, which keeps me excited and going daily! (via GIPHY) Thatchu is a recent University of Sheffield graduate and now Continuous Improvement Engineer at Morgan Advanced Materials in the UK.  Do you relate to them or want to share your struggles? Let us know and we will give you a free session for you to speak with them on our platform!

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Nail the “Tell Me About Yourself” Job Interview Question

by Neekita Patel | 11 Apr 2017

The first question you are probably going to get in an interview  is the much dreaded classic and universal, “Tell me about yourself.” A simple question that quickly turns daunting when asked in that setting. Most job seekers hate it because it is simply difficult to decipher what the interviewer is looking for. But, it does not have to be that hard. Infact, this is a great  opportunity for you to take control of the interview and position yourself as the perfect candidate for the job.Your answer and how well you tell your story will drive the rest of the interview. In our opinion, the better you start, the better you finish. First, let’s understand a little bit about why do interviewers ask you this question. Do they really want to know you, that too on a personal level? Chances are, no. A FutureLab mentor summed it us up for us nicely, and said the reason for this question is: 1. To see how you respond to an unstructured question 2. To learn about what you deem important at that point in time   Next, how do you prepare for it? To nail the question, think of it as a pitch. 1.Research and Practice: organise your information using a formula   Research and practice key is but also remember to never memorise. An interview is a dialogue, not a monologue. When digging for information, use the widely famous interview question formula to organise and link it with the company and its job description: past-present-future. Naturally, anyone would be to talk about the past first then the present. The Muse suggests mixing it up: “So, first you start with the present—where you are right now. Then, segue into the past—a little bit about the experiences you’ve had and the skills you gained at the previous position. Finally, finish with the future—why you are really excited for this particular opportunity.” 2.  Show relevance and highlight your selling points; your key strengths as they relate to the position you’re interviewing for   If you repeat details stated in your CV, cover letter and application, it is likely your interview will end prematurely. Instead, show the interviewer you understand the experiences, skills and abilities which are relevant to the position. Focus on things the company places value on. Highlight your unique skills, talents, leadership attributes and professional experiences which are most relevant to the position. Just like your cv and cover letter, tailor your answers to the company’s needs. But what if you don’t have any professional experience? For someone who’s more entry-level and doesn’t really have a career to describe yet, the answer would be more forward-looking. Think academic achievements, voluntary and charity world. 3. Tell them why you are here End by telling them why you are there and why you want the position. We advise you to think of yourself as a product that will be bought by a company. Ultimately, don’t be afraid to relax a little bit, tell stories and anecdotes—the interviewer already has your resume, so they also want to know a little more about you.   At FutureLab, we have career mentors to support you for your job interview preparation. Sign up here to speak with them now!   A special thanks to all the FutureLab mentors who contributed to this article: M&A Manager at Ernst & Young (Malaysia) – Rishi Das || Former Strategy Advisor at Shell (Malaysia) – Vijay Kumar || Continuous Improvement Engineer at Morgan Advanced Material (United Kingdom)- Thatchu Selvarajan ||Teacher at Keningau Vocational College (Malaysia) –  Sirhajwan Idek || Global Value Change Manager at Petronas (Malaysia) – Soham Basu || Partner at Grant Thornton (Malaysia) – Kishan Jasani  

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LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur #8 (September 2018)

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 29 Sep 2018

Co-labs Coworking @ The Starling Mall

*Registration fee is only to cover our costs like meals, drinks, etc. and LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur organizing team is not making any profit. *Contact us for more info at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alishams254/ What to Expect? Every gathering may be different. In this session, here is what you get: a) Refreshments b) Networking with others across Klang Valley c) Meeting and learning from experts who will be invited as panelists. d) Develop effective relationships that may lead to so many opportunities in your life. e) Activity f) A tour around the beautiful Co-Labs Coworking space The detailed agenda will be emailed to registrants later. You may get more info about LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur as well as the panelists at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedinlocalKL Join the community of LinkedinLocal and stay in touch with experts across Malaysia and Singapore at: https://futurelab.my/users/sign_up?program_signup=LinkedInLocal%20Malaysia&enterprise=13 *Still under development, not all features are implemented yet* #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalKL #LinkedInMeetup #LocalX #LocalXKL #MeetupKL

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NTT Com Startup Challenge 2018 - Final Day #KualaLumpur

by NTT Startup Challenge | 11 Oct 2018

MaGIC Cyberjaya

Attend our inaugural event, the “NTT Startup Challenge”,we will watch as the best startups in Malaysia pitch to our distinguished panelists. As our main highlight, we are honored to personal workshop from our special guest speakers from top global investors that will gives you new insights about innovation and future economic landscape, particularly in Asia Pacific. Visit our site: dm.ntt.com/startupchallenge2018_malaysia Please see below for the event details: Date: Thursday, 11 October 2018 Time: 12:00 – 18:00 (GMT + 8) Venue: MaGIC Cyberjaya Be advised as space are very limited, we suggest you to register immediately, we will send you a confirmation email afterwards Network with top global investors, founders and C-Level from various companies in Asia! Learn more about our event here, if you have any questions or concerns, for any questions please email us at [email protected] or contact us +6287859062265 through WhatsApp / Call / Message.

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September Meetup - Chill with Mentors

by Campus Hero | 15 Sep 2018

INTI International College Subang, 3, Jalan SS 15/8, Ss 1...

It's September and it's time for another #CampusHero network and chill meet up. The CampusHero team would like to invite you to our upcoming September Chill with Mentors meetup! The purpose for the meetup is to enable students and mentors to mingle in a free and casual manner, in hopes that the two parties will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories. This time around, we will be bringing in mentors from a diverse range of background and profession! Engineering, Project Management, HR, e-commerce, Cashless. If you have any specific curiosity, inquiries or just general wonderment, do join us and have your curiosity satiated! [What this opportunity entails?] 1. You could learn more about careers and professions that you are interested in or have never even thought of before! 2. This is an chance to network directly with working professionals and people who may be working in industries and companies of your interests! A solid network is always desirable. 3. A platform for you to get to know your fellow peers, aspiring entrepreneurs and the student communities who are together in this journey with you.

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LinkedInLepak @ Drop KL

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 30 Aug 2018

Drop KL

A casual hangout where everyone get to connect to other members of the community at KL. No agenda, no theme! Just come for the sole purpose of having fun and interesting conversations with others. With the courtesy of Drop KL, meal is sponsored for the attendees. **First Come First Served basis.

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OMG Championship

by JCI Lead Tropicana | 22 Sep 2018

The Pantheon, One City

Online Mobile Gladiators Championship (OMGC) is a revolutionary challenge to bring students from college and universities to compete with employees, entrepreneurs, executives from startups and corporates with the goal of bridging the studying and the working and so every participants can learn from each other. Semi-final and Final games is dated on 22 & 23 September 2018. Visit us @ http://omgc.my/ for details.

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Launch of the UNDP Youth Co:Lab SDG Challenge

by MaGIC & UNDP | 15 Aug 2018

MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre)

UNDP Youth Co:Lab SDG Challenge Youth Co:Lab, UNDP’s Asia-Pacific youth entrepreneurship initiative, is positioning young people front and center in order to solve the region’s most pressing challenges. MaGIC and UNDP are in collaboration to instigate, catalyse, and sustain youth innovation by supporting the region’s youth-led startups and social enterprises through Youth Co:Lab Malaysia. Summary 1. Challenge duration: September to November 2018 2. Executed in 4 locations across Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Sabah) 3. Envisioned to connect young innovators with subject matter experts, leaders and businesses 4. Designed to explore viable solutions for the following issues: - Income Generation for Undocumented Persons - Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability - Financial Inclusion 5. Winners of Youth Co:Lab Malaysia will get to participate in MaGIC’s pre-accelerator bootcamp For more info: https://mymagic.my/events/event/launch-undp-youth-colab-sdg-challenge/ #MaGIC #UNDP #YouthCoLabSDGChallenge

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Future Proofing YOU: Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Petrosains | 15 Aug 2018

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, KLCC

Future Proofing YOU: Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Calling all young professionals, university/college students and fresh graduates. Let’s discuss on a topic that touches you ! Automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big DATA, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. Get your fill on how they are changing the way we work and how we live our lives. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is being driven by the convergence of advanced technologies and is emerging at an exponential speed. Disruption is evident in almost every industry. The featured panelists will discuss and share with you experiences, expectations and knowledge for a changing future where career requirements and other critical decisions are affected by emerging technology breakthroughs or the “digital revolution”. Be on point with us at Petrosains. Register now at link below: https://youthforum2018.peatix.com/

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LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur #7 (August 2018)

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 18 Aug 2018

Co-Labs, @The Starling Mall

*Registration fee is only to cover our costs like meals, drinks, etc. and LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur organizing team is not making any profit. *Contact us for more info at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alishams254/ What to Expect? Every gathering may be different. In this session, here is what you get: a) Refreshments b) Networking with others across Klang Valley c) Meeting and learning from experts who will be invited as panelists. d) Develop effective relationships that may lead to so many opportunities in your life. e) Team Building activity f) A tour around the beautiful Co-Labs Coworking space The detailed agenda will be emailed to registrants later. You may get more info about LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur as well as the panelists at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedinlocalKL Join the community of LinkedinLocal and stay in touch with experts across Malaysia and Singapore at: https://futurelab.my/users/sign_up?program_signup=LinkedInLocal%20Malaysia&enterprise=13 *Still under development, not all features are implemented yet* #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalKL #LinkedInMeetup #LocalX #LocalXKL #MeetupKL

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