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5 Hot Tips to Be the Best Marketeer

by FutureLab | 12 Dec 2016

More information on the following mentors and the organisations they work for are available here: CEO of MATARIS Agency and ex-CMO of Kfit Group Head of Growth for NEXT Academy

Management Consulting: The Perfect Prep for Entrepreneurship

by FutureLab | 06 Jun 2017

Many dream of going to prestigious universities such as Harvard and Stanford. Adamas Belva Syah Devara, co-founder of Ruangguru, an education tech startup in Indonesia, is one of those who achieved that dream. Not only that, he holds a dual degree–an MBA from Stanford University and a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University. Despite the brilliant academic achievements, he says that what provided him useful skills to be an entrepreneur is not his university education but  his first job as a McKinsey & Company consultant.   “At McKinsey, for the first time I truly experienced what is is like working at a big organisation. Colleges were more of a place to learn how do I best learn,” said Belva. There are at least two lessons from working as management consultant that Belva deems very useful, especially when applied to running and developing his company, Ruangguru. The first lesson is structured problem solving. As a consultant, Belva learned to always use structures in solving any problem. This structured approach has shaped the way he works.   “I believe that every problem can be solved as long as we have the right structure. Big problem could be divided into bite-sized problems. When we have solved the small ones, the big problem will be solved automatically,”  Belva shared.   The second lesson he deems useful is the client relationship skill. This skill, according to Belva, is very important in consulting, since no matter how great the recommendation given to a client, it all comes down to how convinced the clients are. “It is not enough for you just to be smart. You have to also be able to influence and there needs the right technique. Consulting is often an art of involving people so the clients do not feel as if we instructing them to do A, B, or C. We have to make them feel like the solution is a result of our collaboration. The level of buy-in is important as the actual solution itself.”   On the other side, there are things that are new for Belva–things he otherwise wouldn’t have learned if he did not run a startup.   “At my job at McKinsey, I didn’t get to make very difficult decisions. Normally, a project is well-defined and the most difficult decision I had to make was only around analysis and recommendation–there was no real consequence. At startup, I have to take difficult decisions. Deciding to fire or hire somebody is difficult. You need to build that thick skin and there is a high level of accountability involved.”       Written by: Raisa Nabila Community Manager at Bukapintu (Indonesia) Raisa is Community Manager at Bukapintu, a career network for Indonesian students and fresh graduates. She believes that storytelling and pop culture are powerful tools to change the world. Raisa is always on board for any cause that encourages people to find their life purpose earlier.    

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Getting Work Experience While Studying: Fruitful For Future Career Prospects

by Christeen Akkarawatte | 03 Mar 2018

I have started working while studying during my second year. Although it has taken me some time to learn how to juggle studies and work, I can say I am slowly getting the hang of it. I can confirm that getting work experience while studying has really benefited me. It ’s especially beneficial to gain experience in the field that you’re interested in. The work life also won’t be much of a shock for you once you’ve graduated. It’s important to get some on-the-job experience as not everything you learn from university will help you in the ‘real world’. Getting work experience while studying helps you learn new skills and refine existing ones Sure, you learn the basics from university – like researching for essays, editing for a video or radio package, or simply working on a report. However, if you gain work experience, what you learn from university and vice versa, tend to complement each other. All the researching that I have been doing for my studies has helped me with my internship. It did provide the basic skills but it helped me learn to work at a faster pace. Even working with difficult groupmates help you build a tough skin for those difficult clients. Another benefit is you have more opportunities to social learn at work, whether it’s through your colleagues or bosses. (Check out my article on social learning here). Gain work relationships and networking opportunities Internships, part-time jobs, or maybe a one-off job will help you build your contacts. During my first week of internship, my bosses let me join them for a networking event. I got to exchange my business card with various people in the Media or Public Relations (PR) industry. It has given me a jumpstart to building work relationships that will eventually be useful for them, as well as myself. Your bosses could potentially be your mentors as well (check out my article on the value of mentors here). You get to learn from them on a daily basis as their knowledge is basically a goldmine for us newbies. I was encouraged to apply for FutureLab’s Campus Writer program by my boss. Such opportunities help you to further improve your skills. Gives an idea of what you might want to pursue after you graduate If you’re still confused at what you’d like to do once you’ve graduated, getting work experience while studying will help clear the path for you. Maybe you’d like to see how an advertising company works, or test out working for an NGO. Your curiosity may help you find what you may really like to do on a daily basis. I was very curious about the PR industry prior to my internship, and just during the span of three months, I learnt so much. Improve time management skills and set your priorities Obviously, as a student, you’re aware that your studies are important. Working will help you manage your time better, and even get you to become more focused. The key is to balance your time. I currently experience that first hand. Although I have at least three assignment deadlines every other week, I make sure I plan everything in advance. I do this to avoid rushing assignments as well not jeopardise my job. However, if you do find yourself losing focus in studies, make sure you have a sit-down with your boss, to adjust your schedule. Or maybe stick to working during the holidays if you don’t want to take the risk. These are just a few beneficial reasons as to why working while studying is important. Its benefits are endless as it sets your path for your career. I’m not saying you must work while studying. Maybe try dedicating your long holiday to gain some work experience. It doesn’t always have to be a paid job; volunteer work will be just as fruitful. Have you worked or currently work while studying? Share your experiences in the comments below! For those that are currently working on their degree part-time while working, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Check out this article for some tips (if you haven’t done some research already).   Would you like to be a part of an empowering community that will help you take charge of your career goals? Join our community here! Written by:   Christeen Akkarawatte.  A final year student at Monash University, majoring in Communications and Global Studies. She is also a FutureLab Campus Writer, a program aimed at enabling university students to begin writing and growing their own active communities on FutureLab alongside many influential mentors.

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FutureLab Interviews: Francesca Chia, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGet.my

by Neekita Patel | 04 Apr 2017

Following are excerpts from an exclusive FutureLab interview with Byron Tan and Francesca Chia, CEO and Co-Founder of GoGet.my B: Tell us about yourself? F: My name is Francesca, I’m 28 years old and I run a platform called GoGet – a service platform for errands. We can do food delivery to document dispatch to even buying balloons and flyering for business. So our technology connects you to an individual that’s trusted, in the area, called a GoGetter, and they help you do the task for a fee. We are fundamentally anchored on this ability to grow the labour market in a flexible way where individuals don’t really need a 9 to 5 job but can grab jobs as and when they are available. So essentially what Uber does for rides, what AirBnB does for accommodation, GoGet does for labour. B: Why are you a mentor on FutureLab? F: Being a mentor to me is about trying to reach out to the community & being able to just connect more with people who want another person as a listening or a thought partner. I don’t think I have more knowledge or more advice about certain things, I think it’s just a great opportunity for us to be another thought partner to the mentee, and to be able to help them work through their problems because maybe we have tried to solve similar problems in the past. B: What’s one piece of advice you’d give to all the mentees out there? F: Get exposed to as many different things – do 10 different internships and make them extremely different. One thing that I did not do as much and learned really late was that there are loads of different professions and opportunities in the world. There’s a job for almost everything (sometimes ones that I didn’t even know existed!)  To be able to see the wide variety of opportunities you can get is so important because you can probably make a better decision. So much of what we do stems from what we’re exposed to – so if you’re exposed to more things, it’s easier to find out what your passion is, what excites you the most B: Did you ever have a mentor? F: I do, I had loads of mentors all the time. I’ve always had mentors, even in high school and university, I had people I looked up to and asked for help. But even for GoGet, we have mentors, from business mentors, tech mentors to even just ‘people mentors’. We have Arzumy from KFit for example. I also have ‘softer’ mentors for things like improving my leadership skills. B: Name one of the major challenge you faced and how you overcame it? F: There are so many challenges! GoGet is definitely the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, and it’s still a challenge – I have not overcome it yet, I’m still working on it! How I do get by day to day? I lean on my team, I have a really good team that helps me go through solving problems. The other aspect is having a good work-life balance because if you’re not healthy, you can’t make decisions as healthily as well. Also, ask as many questions as you can! To overcome a lot of problems we’ve had at GoGet, I’ve just picked up the phone and asked a friend, or anyone, “how do you do this?” And it really helps. B: What is one tip you’d give to those looking to increase productivity? F: Use GoGet! I changed my lifestyle because of GoGet- there are things that I know I want to spend my time on & things that I just decide a GoGetter will do for me. The other aspect is I calendarize everything – not just meetings but also personal things. So if I need to go to the gym, it’s in my calendar. This means that people who want to do a meeting with me, they’ll see the calendar is blocked out. It allows me to say no to things & keep my personal life. B: What do you do in your free time? F:  I play with my dogs!!! I also bake, and watch sitcoms. Netflix is so bad for me! I recently just watched Designated Survivor, which is super cool! It’s a series about the POTUS. Capitol Hill gets bombed, there are no surviving Congressmen and the designated survivor is the one that if everyone dies, becomes President. I recommend it! B: If you could have any one superpower, what would it be? F: I’ve always wanted teleportation! I want to be in many places at the same time. I want to wake up and have breakfast in Paris, and then go to New York for lunch and work in Malaysia. For dinner, I’ll go to Japan! B: A motto you live by? F: Life can turn around by 180 degrees at any point of time. So make sure you live your life to the fullest & don’t regret things. Tomorrow may not be, or things can drastically change. You don’t want to take anything for granted. B: Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you like to have dinner with and why? F: That’s a tough one. I have a few. I’ve never met my grandparents because they passed away when I was really young so I’d love to meet at least one of them. I’d love to also have dinner with Jacqueline Novogratz, the author of the Blue Sweater – I really like that book. It’s about the social enterprise & how you can balance social impact with profitability at the same time. Another weird one, is to meet a 3 year old me! I really want to see how I was at 3 years old because I have a niece who’s 3 and she’s adorable, I always wonder what it would be like to play with a younger me!       Inspired? Would like to speak with Francesca? Click here!

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LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur #6 (July 2018)

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 07 Jul 2018

Kaodim, @Uptown 5

*Registration fee is only to cover our costs like meals, drinks, etc. and LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur organizing team is not making any profit. *Contact us for more info at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alishams254/ What to Expect? Every gathering may be different. In this session, here is what you get: a) Refreshments b) Networking with others across Klang Valley c) Meeting experts who will be invited as panelists. d) Develop effective relationships that may lead to so many opportunities in your life. e) Learn leadership through a fun activity Main Agenda: 1) Registration while enjoying refreshments 2) Panel discussion (approx. 45 min) 3) A fun insightful activity on "Leadership" conducted by our supporting partner, Human Inc 4) Open Mic 5) Networking + bites and drinks You may get more info about LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur as well as the panelists at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedinlocalKL Join the community of LinkedinLocal and stay in touch with experts across Malaysia and Singapore at: https://futurelab.my/users/sign_up?program_signup=LinkedInLocal%20Malaysia&enterprise=13 *Still under development, not all features are implemented yet* You may fill up the below form to receive the future updates right in your inbox: https://goo.gl/forms/3UI4hrhJ2ySEPxrE3 #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalKL #LinkedInMeetup #LocalX #LocalXKL

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July Network & Chill

by Campus Hero | 07 Jul 2018

Co-Labs, Starling Mall,6, Jalan SS 21/37, Petaling Jaya, ...

It's July and it's time for another #CampusHero network and chill meet up. � The CampusHero team would like to invite you to our upcoming July Network and Chill meetup! The purpose for the meetup is to enable students and mentors to mingle in a free and casual manner, in hopes that the two parties will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories. This time around, we will be bringing in mentors from #consulting! Mentors from Accenture, PwC and many other famous consulting firms will be there. So if you have any specific curiosity, inquiries or just general wonderment about consulting, do join us and have your curiosity satiated! [What this opportunity entails?] 1. You could learn and explore more about a career in consulting. 2. This is a chance to network directly with consultants from renowned consulting firms. This is the platform to build your network into consulting.

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FutureLab x Ministry of Burn: Get MOB'd with FutureLab

by FutureLab | 08 Aug 2018

Ministry of Burn

Want to connect with Crystal and work on your fitness with the FutureLab community? Sign up for this special community class with Crystal at Ministry of Burn and get a chance to work up a sweat and connect with her and other mentors while working on your fitness! **Open to FutureLab users only!** TICKET MODELS Early Bird Admission: RM30 (20 tickets available) Full Admission: RM50 (10 tickets available) *Be sure to dress in work-out attire and shoes. -- Ministry of Burn is a functional and cardio fitness experience that incorporate rowing, riding and moving. Learn more about the #MOBSQUAD at ministryofburn.com

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Dojo KL X MissMafia Presents: REAL TALK

by DOJO KL x MissMafia | 07 Jul 2018


Real Talk is an afternoon of frank, honest and open discussions amongst like-minded women. We talk to the women who hustle hard on growing their businesses, brands and themselves. We also celebrate and showcase homegrown brands and products with small retail spaces for you to shop to your heart's content. *Agenda*: 10AM-12PM Workouts by Liberty Active X GuavaPass - Yoga with Kylie (Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2lAUbdw) - Mat Pilates with Jay Jamiliyana (Sign up here: http://bit.ly/2Ko6CY4) 11AM - 12PM Terrarium Workshop by Tiny Forest 1PM – 4PM Speaker Sessions: - Collaboration Over Competition - Amy Zheng (Amazin' Graze), Diane Chia (Guavapass), Jenn Low (Wanderlust + Co) - Empowered Women Empower Women - Rengee Rendava (Mad Hat PR) - Shermaine Wong (Tish), Jacyln Chan (Lululemon) - Why So Serious? - Jenn Chia (So I'm Jenn) - Self-Expression is #NoDrama - Maybelline Wong, Linora Low **Please do commit to the number of slots you are booking, we have very limited number of seats and would love to be able to share with as many of you as possible! FAQs: *What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?* There is an open air parking spot right opposite Menara Amplewest, which is where Dojo KL is situated. *What can I bring into the event?* Yourself, a great vibe and some $$ to shop :) *Will there be food and drinks?* Yes! The Good Co. and Chai Yo will be selling refreshments. DOJO KL is a co-working space situated in downtown KL. For more info, check out: www.DOJOKL.com MISSMAFIA is a women's support group and lifestyle content platform. For more info, check out: www.MISSMAFIA.co

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Lean In Career Programme 3.0: Leadership Edition

by Lean In Malaysia | 08 Aug 2018


LICP 3.0 is a programme built on the 3 pillars to Educate, Enable, and Empower women. By joining, you will receive one-on-one mentorship with a senior industry leader, experiential masterclass series, and valuable networking opportunities with our partner companies. This 9-week programme (25 August - 27 October 2018) is designed for female managers (with 2-5 years experience managing direct reports) who are positioning themselves for a promotion, looking to take on greater responsibilities within or outside their organisation, or looking for leadership strategies to advance professionally. Who Should Apply? Women who: - Have between 2-5 years of managerial experience (managing direct reports) - Are self-starters, and are looking to position themselves for a promotion or take on greater professional responsibilities within or outside their organisation - Are experiencing obstacles or challenges in their career path that they would like to overcome - Are looking for leadership strategies to advance professionally Applications are now on a rolling basis. Deadline is 15 July, 2018. Need more convincing to join the programme? Read our LICP Alumni testimonials here: https://bit.ly/2I67lIp For further details of the programme, see the schedule here: http://leaninmalaysia.com/licp3-schedule/ For more information, you can find out here: http://leaninmalaysia.com/about-licp3/ #LICP #LeanInCareerProgramme #LICP3 #WomenLeadership #LeadershipEdition #Leadership #LeanInMalaysia #LeanIn #AsiaWomenCircle #PressforProgress #WomenEmpowerment

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Talentbank's HR Talkshow

by Talentbank | 08 Aug 2018

Talentbank Career Discovery Centre

🎬👩‍💼👨‍💼🎥 [Talentbank HR Talk Show] This is a new platform to motivate the young through linking with HR experts in the industry. In profound, let the young breakthrough in foster learning, inspiration and wonder on achieving the best. [The "Hot Topic" to be discussed in the Talk Show] 1. What are the quality and knowledge is seeking by employers? 2. Is it Good or Bad for young graduates to enter this industry? Why? 3. Is there a new way to impress recruiters? What are they? 4. Finding first job is new, what are the best advice you can give? [Speakers] 1 August 2018 : AMA with 5 September 2018 : AMA with 3 October 2018 : AMA with 7 November 2018 : AMA with 5 December 2018 : AMA with [Details of the Talk Show] Venue: Talentbank, Sunway Geo Avenue Time: 7:30pm - 9:00pm (Registration start at 7:30pm and talk show begin by 8pm) Participant Number: 60 to 80 pax [Why you should join?] 1. Opportunity to learn more about careers and professions that you are interested in or have never even thought of before! 2. A direct opportunity to network with working professionals! 3. Friends of the same interest? Say no more comrades! 😎 Hope to see you there! Best Regards, Talentbank Team

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The Complete Workshop

by Type Productivity | 06 Jun 2018

The Alphabet Press

Our one-day workshop series is back with Series 1: Get-Productive and Series 2: Stay-Productive, both happening on 23rd June 2018. Each series is modular and buildable in any sequence. So if you have gone through one and not the other, we would love to have you join us at any of our upcoming workshop! Agenda: - Series 1: Get-Productive! 1000 - Customize you ana tomy notebook 1030 - Core Values 1115 - Mental Energy 1145 - Mental Energy Framework 1230 - Break Series 2: Stay-Productive! 0100 - Customize you ana tomy notebook 0130 - The 4 Tendencies Framework 0210 - Free Time Analysis 0250 - Activity Tracker 0330 - End Start with customising an ana tomy notebook and get ready to heighten your productivity, maximise your efficiency, and expand your capacity, and take your life to the next level. Welcome to The Real Planner. What’s Included for first-timer: An ana tomy personalised planner (worth RM128) Bookmark ruler Gel ink pen Name personalisation on the spot Packaging - Workshop hosted by: Ashley Suelyn, CEO of The Real Planner Get your ticket now at https://ana-tomy.co/the-real-planner/ #antmworkshop #anatomyworkshop #anatomyfortherealplanner #productivity #planner

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CampusHero June Meetup: Chill With Mentors

by CampusHero Community | 06 Jun 2018

Talentbank Career Discovery Centre

[Ticket Sales Closed!] It's June. It's time for another CampusHero Mentor Coffee Session. The Coffee Session meetup is meant to enable students and mentors to mingle in a free and CASUAL manner, in hopes that the two parties will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories. This time around, we will be bringing in mentors from a diverse range of background and profession! Public Relations, Marketing, Engineering, Law, Startup and more. If you have any specific curiosity, inquiries or just general wonderment, do join us and have your curiosity satiated! [What this opportunity entails?] 1. You could learn more about careers and professions that you are interested in or have never even thought of before! 2. This is an chance to network directly with working professionals and people who may be working in industries and companies of your interests! A solid network is always desirable. 3. A platform for you to get to know your fellow peers, aspiring entrepreneurs and the student communities who are together in this journey with you. [Bonus!] Free ticket worth RM199 to NECC 2018! More info: www.necc.com.my [Light food and beverages will be provided and included with the purchase of this ticket.] Hope to see you there! Best Regards, The CampusHero Team

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