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Knowledge Sharing Through Motivation & Inspiration.

FutureLab was built to help students and ambitious young professionals network with a wide range of industry experts and provide a platform where they can learn and ask questions to help them figure out what they want to do for their future careers and how to take it to the next level.

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Find your mentor

We hand picked all of our mentors to make sure we provide you the best experience.

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What We Provide

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Mentor Insights

Speak directly to someone who has been there and done that. This 30-minute informal chat can cover any career topic such as industry and employer insights, job search help and career assessment.

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CV/ Coverletter Tips

Get feedback and tips from professionals working in the industry/company. Learn how to improve your CV or cover letter so it can stand out and help land you that interview.

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Practice Interview

Practice makes perfect and having a practice session with a former/ current employee that has been through the ringer can really help you boost communication and confidence.

All top fortune 500 CEOs have a mentor.
Here is why you should have one too.

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Unlock your potential

Boost your confidence and challenge yourself to set higher goals, take calculated risks to achieve your career ambitions.

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Develop your growth

Understand your own abilities in relation to your career goals and identify areas for improvement.

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Learn from experience

Learn from professionals that have been there and done that, gain access to their experiences and learn from their mistakes.

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Gain a hiring advantage

Increase your chances to secure an interview through a mentor referral. Sometimes, it's not always what you know, but who you know.

Azran, CEO of Iflix Malaysia.

Azran Osman-Rani knows what it takes to sustain and build business from the ground up. Hailing from Stanford University, and now spearheading one of the biggest online video streaming platform, iFlix Malaysia. Watch the video to know his thoughts on mentoring and why you need one!

Learn more about Azran

Ching Wei Lee, Founder of iMoney

Ching Wei Lee(Ching) is the Group Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of iMoney. Guidance and mentorship has been a big reason behind the success of iMoney. It was through mentorships that he learned how to build a team, delegate and trust his team members. Watch this video to know more about his thoughts on mentoring and why it is a tool that you need!

Learn more about Ching

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Jeremy Chang

Business Process and Customer Experience Specialist
@ Maxis

First session free
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Carmen Low

Technology Consultant
@ Accenture

First session free


Zed Li

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Business Development Lead
@ Shopee

First session free


Kenn Jee Ooi

@ SJ Grant Thornton

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From a community of learners


"If you're not sure, ask." I find FutureLab providing just that platform for what Gen-Y and Millennial go-getters need. The opportunity to talk with individuals who have been there done that helps shed clarity on the many dreams and visions we have, whether it's an area we would like to pursue or are considering.

- Melody Sim


Received meaningful insights on ACCENTURE and different fields of consulting. I learned a lot from this session and Kelly was really helpful in providing me with the necessary knowledge and feedback.

- Ryan Ong

Img 0040 profile

Brian was very forthcoming with insights into the startup scene in Malaysia, and he was happy to share all his experiences in starting a company. Brian has the rare combination of being an ex-management consultant and also a founder in a fast-growing startup. It was great to be able to talk to him about the differences in each industry, for someone like me that is considering both.

- Jonathan Kung

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