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FutureLab Campus Hero Interviews: Ezwan Ismail, Engineering Manager at CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad

by Charis | 22 Feb 2018

Ezwan Ismail has 13 years of experience as an Engineer in the pharmaceutical industry. Following are excerpts from a FutureLab Campus Hero interview with Ezwan Ismail, Engineering Manager at CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad CH: Tell us about yourself Ezwan: My name is Ezwan Ismail and I graduated as a Mechanical Engineering student from Multimedia University, Malacca campus. So far I have been working in the Pharmaceutical Industry and currently I am an Engineering Manager at CCM Duopharma Biotech Berhad, the largest pharmaceutical company in Malaysia. Currently, I have a son who just turned 4 this year and during my free time I go for mountain biking and indoor cycling with my friends. I was from Malacca and currently I am now based in Bangi. CH: What interests you to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering? Ezwan: It is actually a common enigma for students, having not decided firmly where to move forward upon acquiring a degree. When I was a student in high school, I used to have an interest in biology but I also discovered that I am able to grasp concepts or understanding anything ‘mechanically’ very well. Understanding the versatility and diversity of possible industries I could venture into with engineering, I finally chose to major in Mechanical Engineering. CH: What are the important skills you developed as a mechanical engineering student that is relevant for any job? Ezwan: Skills were some attributes I developed when I was a student. However the two important skills I believe one should possess are being adaptable and listening skills. Being adaptable is important for my major as we are bound to take up tough subjects- I observed and learnt that I may need to change my approach as I learnt various subjects and it involves a lot of extra reading and discussions. There are times I may need to sit back and visualize to grasp concepts but some also seemed easy to comprehend and later on as my working career progressed, those subjects that I could easily comprehend are those things I love doing while working. A typical example of this is operations management which I have learnt and right now I love doing. Secondly, listening skill. Listening skill is the start to doing things efficiently. It is vital for someone to capitalize in communication, perhaps on an effective manner- a sidekick to developing intuition in acquiring valuable experience. Ezwan believes that being adaptable and having good listening skills are two attributes that could be applied to any job CH: What are the career pathways you may have as a Mechanical Engineering graduate? Ezwan: To be honest I like to think that for Mechanical Engineers, thepossibilities are almost endless. They have a lot of options- from project management, consulting firms, constructions, manufacturing plants to design and development firms. The choices are unlimited as what the Mechanical Engineering students learn are very diverse. CH: With such diverse career pathways, what are the attitudes one could have as an Engineer to succeed? Ezwan: The three core attitudes an Engineer could have to succeed are having growth mindset, being meticulous and understanding process flow. Growth mindset with the combination of hard-work, thinking and realizing growth can lead you to become a recognized talent within an organization or propel you far ahead in your career. Else, you would be a mediocre. As an Engineer, it is important to be meticulous as you you are expected to avoid errors. Thus being meticulous sets you apart as having attention to details is essential as an Engineer. Lastly, to succeed, it is important to understand process flow, not necessarily any engineering system process flows, but also others. Many would feel it is the concept of operating a machine, but it is more to knowing where is the start, middle and end of any matters or issue. Thus it is important to know the process flow by identifying the origin of an issue as Engineers are usually known to be problem-solvers. To know the start, middle and end helps an Engineer to be in control of an issue once assigned or entrusted to resolve it. Some guiding questions would be by asking yourself, “where is the start? Where does this issue lead me to?” CH: Understanding those three core attitudes being so important, would you tell me briefly about a day of your working life as an Engineering Manager? Ezwan: On a typical day, I start work punctually at 8am where the Engineering Department will have standing meeting to recap or resolve issues from previous night or day, follow up on open issues and to share information cascaded down from senior management level to subordinates and this will last up to 8.30am. About 9am we will have Operations Team meeting to resolve issues related to meeting monthly output or target. It was carried out to coordinate with other departments to resolve issues which require consensus or coordination. This meeting usually lasts up to 40 minutes maximum. After that it will be managing projects, assignments related to tightening compliance and ensuring smooth departmental operations, especially in rendering the best service to our clients as compliance and profit is equally important. These available times are also used to attend meetings and discussions as well as ensure coordination. For my work communication is very crucial as I have to constantly communicate from morning until night so that every issue are well attended. As an Engineering Manager one thing that is vital is to always follow up and it taught me to manage my time effectively. We also have visitations for visitors to the factory. Previously we had students from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia visiting the factory. Apart from my work, I held other roles such as Halal Committee Site Head, Integrity Champion and Company Sports Club committee member. I also coach talents within my department so that they become a better leader. My company recognizes talent and all of us will do the best as we could while adhering to the core values of PETIRR in our company. *PETIRR-Passion, Excellence, Teamwork, Integrity, Responsible, Respect. CH: Would you share with us 3 words to describe your work as an Engineering Manager at a pharmaceutical company and why? The 3 words that describe my work as a pharmaceutical industry Engineer are: 1) Charitable- My profession in this field makes me a part of a charitable cause for in my company, we strive to produce goods which are safe, efficacious and high quality for patients to consume and we do not compromise on CGMP and Halal issues. 2) Satisfying- My current work is very satisfying for being in the right company which recognise talents, venturing into new business for sustainability and having impactful Core Values (PETIRR) that I really hold onto makes me fulfilled in the things I do daily in my work. 3) Dynamic- My work requires me to tackle different issues daily and it is very exciting and challenging. If I am being exposed to the same routine, things will get boring for me. Ezwan opined that being able to work in a team is very important especially when one starts working. CH: How would you describe your job scope and overall career progression in Engineering? Ezwan: From a very objective note, my scope is about transparency and mitigating potential risks to our clients, being it internal or external ones, both from Engineering and even Operations point of view. However if it is focused on career progression then it is very team-centric. It could be summed up in a form of a phrase “There’s no I in team”. Opportunities naturally would be given but I want to ensure I can function in a team and do my part to drive the company to new heights. Career progression is how this would motivate my team and from there opportunity arises and people will see and recognize your talent. CH: If you have any advice for the Engineering students out there, what would it be? Ezwan: My advice would be asking yourself this, “Do you know what you want to do after graduating?”. I asked many practical students and interns where vast majority could not answer the question assuringly. Do not be surprised that it may take days, weeks, months or even years to answer this but it must be answered, assuringly, before graduating. Be thorough though it may time to answer the question. I recommend to do personality tests to understand your personality. Understanding humans are important too as there is a lot of personality out there and only then you will know how to be adaptable and accommodating by wearing the right hats for suitable situation. CH: With the constant development of technology, what is your outlook on Engineering fields for the future and how can Engineers up-skill themselves? Ezwan: I would expect that the future of Engineering fields to be heavily cross functional yet lean, hence quite sophisticated but can be quite a common sight. As this may sound counter intuitive, an Engineer should up-skill more in the areas of people skill. In my perspective, no matter how things change, it is the human touch that is essential to turn issues into achievements, to drive mission into milestones, to turn legacy into legendary in spite of the future outlook that I have envisioned for Engineering fields. Would you like to speak with Ezwan? Click here to connect with him!  

Students: Get a head start on your career— as a FutureLab Campus Writer

by FutureLab | 18 Jan 2018

There’s a lot you can do on FutureLab to help you get ahead in your career and find your way in to new opportunities — regularly writing on FutureLab and sharing your experiences and perspective is certainly one of them. It’s a great way to build up your reputation on a topic and get noticed by others in your industry who have similar interests. With this in mind, we are launching our Campus Writer program, enabling university students to begin writing and growing their own active communities on FutureLab alongside many influential mentors. Our Campus Writers operate much like journalists, working with our content team to pitch ideas, write and edit articles, and publish stories on FutureLab. As a FutureLab CampusHero, we also encourage Campus Writers to encourage their peers on campus to write about things that matter to them. This program aims to help Campus Writers communicate and connect with a variety of professionals and unlock everything from internships and job offers to speaking event invites and re-publishing offers from news publications. And today, we’re excited to say we’re accepting applications for our first batch of Campus Writers. To sweeten the deal for this year’s Campus Writer, each student will receive a referral letter from industry leaders, a personal mentor to develop a skillset, network expansion, a platform to grow, quarterly FutureLab credits.  Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for: You love creating and finding great content You want to understand how content creation and distribution works at scale You have a deep belief that the student voice matters and want to help bring those perspectives to a wide audience You are ambitious, driven, passionate and collaborative You are deadline-driven and committed to completing tasks If this sounds like a fit, submit an application today!   We can’t wait to welcome our very first class of #StudentLeaders!

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5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Uni Life

by Joel | 12 Apr 2017

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Turn Around Your Team Like a True Leader

by FutureLab | 5 Jul 2018

Managing your team holds a greater degree of responsibility nowadays, as people choose to leave and join better employers if they are not satisfied. Your business turnover is always directly proportional to the number of “happy employees” in your company, and how, you, as their leader, manage the team. To begin with, a typical employee can start job hunting for want of better compensation, benefits or to further his/her career with some new experience. Just recently, I interviewed a talent who was looking at a new job because she had had enough of her work timings. One could easily tell she was disgruntled that her job offered her no flexibility and the company wasn’t ready to offer her another role with timings that suit her. This is a classic case of how an employee will leave your company if you don’t make flexible adjustments. Managing individuals is one thing. Teams are even complicated. Every organisation places strong emphasis on building teams and working together as one. Back in 2001, when we had just started the company, it was a task finding the right kind of people to fill my team. Picking talents who truly believe in the company’s vision and core values was hard to come by. To me it was important they understood that by belonging to a team, they were being part of something bigger. We are a company founded on respect, approachability, teamwork, commitment and integrity. Spelling out what was expected from them was imperative. They had to understand why they were hired, what they were expected to do and what outcomes were expected. In short, they needed to know why they were a team. Integrity has been a major factor in team building. There was never a grey area when it came to making the right choices — whatever was right was right and whatever was wrong meant a quick redressal. Mutual respect also accounts for better relationships. A good leader always has an attentive ear. You must always remember that your talents bring forth numerous ideas, knowledge and workable solutions. Shaming them or ridiculing them in front of others would account for negativity that may affect the team. Offer performance feedback and praise good efforts and results. People want to enjoy their work. Make work fun. Engage and employ talents of every individual in your office. Career growth and learning opportunities enable team members to perform better. So, enhancing opportunities for progression should be top on the agenda. Teams can also be encouraged to participate in training sessions, presentations, mentoring programmes and other assignments. People love to know that they have room for advancement. Flexibility and work-life balance are what Millennials at the workplace look for. Team leaders should be able to meet their requirements as long as core business hours are adhered to (Yes, your employee’s kid’s school fest is important as well). Minimising overtime by providing adequate staffing is good for all departments. After all, no boss wants tired team members reporting for work the next day. Whenever there is an opportunity, it’s always nice to involve employees in decisions that affect their jobs and the overall direction of the company. Likewise, nurture and celebrate traditions at your company with your team. If you treat your employees well and they feel valued by you, you will never lose them. Written by: Manish Mehta, Co-Founder of Propay Partners Manish is a frequent contributor for the New Straits Times, SME Magazine, The Edge and others. He has also spoken at seminars organised by the ASEAN Strategic Leadership Institute, Marcus Events and was also interviewed by Business FM radio station. Passionate, energetic, and soft-spoken, Manish is well-loved by colleagues within and outside the company for his highly systematic and process-driven work. Under his leadership, Propay Partners has grown in leaps and bounds and continues to expand in the ASEAN region. To view more of his content, click here. Image credit: unsplash-logorawpixel

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Launch of the UNDP Youth Co:Lab SDG Challenge

by MaGIC & UNDP | 15 Aug 2018

MaGIC (Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre)

UNDP Youth Co:Lab SDG Challenge Youth Co:Lab, UNDP’s Asia-Pacific youth entrepreneurship initiative, is positioning young people front and center in order to solve the region’s most pressing challenges. MaGIC and UNDP are in collaboration to instigate, catalyse, and sustain youth innovation by supporting the region’s youth-led startups and social enterprises through Youth Co:Lab Malaysia. Summary 1. Challenge duration: September to November 2018 2. Executed in 4 locations across Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Penang and Sabah) 3. Envisioned to connect young innovators with subject matter experts, leaders and businesses 4. Designed to explore viable solutions for the following issues: - Income Generation for Undocumented Persons - Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability - Financial Inclusion 5. Winners of Youth Co:Lab Malaysia will get to participate in MaGIC’s pre-accelerator bootcamp For more info: https://mymagic.my/events/event/launch-undp-youth-colab-sdg-challenge/ #MaGIC #UNDP #YouthCoLabSDGChallenge

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Future Proofing YOU: Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

by Petrosains | 15 Aug 2018

Petrosains, The Discovery Centre, KLCC

Future Proofing YOU: Thriving in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Calling all young professionals, university/college students and fresh graduates. Let’s discuss on a topic that touches you ! Automation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big DATA, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. Get your fill on how they are changing the way we work and how we live our lives. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is being driven by the convergence of advanced technologies and is emerging at an exponential speed. Disruption is evident in almost every industry. The featured panelists will discuss and share with you experiences, expectations and knowledge for a changing future where career requirements and other critical decisions are affected by emerging technology breakthroughs or the “digital revolution”. Be on point with us at Petrosains. Register now at link below: https://youthforum2018.peatix.com/

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LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur #7 (August 2018)

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 18 Aug 2018

Co-Labs, @The Starling Mall

*Registration fee is only to cover our costs like meals, drinks, etc. and LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur organizing team is not making any profit. *Contact us for more info at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alishams254/ What to Expect? Every gathering may be different. In this session, here is what you get: a) Refreshments b) Networking with others across Klang Valley c) Meeting and learning from experts who will be invited as panelists. d) Develop effective relationships that may lead to so many opportunities in your life. e) Team Building activity f) A tour around the beautiful Co-Labs Coworking space The detailed agenda will be emailed to registrants later. You may get more info about LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur as well as the panelists at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedinlocalKL Join the community of LinkedinLocal and stay in touch with experts across Malaysia and Singapore at: https://futurelab.my/users/sign_up?program_signup=LinkedInLocal%20Malaysia&enterprise=13 *Still under development, not all features are implemented yet* #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalKL #LinkedInMeetup #LocalX #LocalXKL #MeetupKL

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Fave Business Intelligence Talk

by Campus Hero | 28 Aug 2018

Fave Malaysia Headquaters, The Horizon (Level 2 tower 7 A...

It's a new month so....... here's another 🤩amazing event by FutureLab CampusHero ! The FutureLab CampusHero team would like to invite you to our upcoming Fave Business Intelligence Talk. Allowing #students to learn more about analysis of information to #improve #decisions and #performance ! The purpose for the talk is to enable students to gain #knowledge in a free and casual manner, in hopes that the students will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories from the Fave Business Intelligence team and peers. Join us for a corporate visit to one of South East Asia's #fastest growing startups 'Fave' ! 🔥 [What this opportunity entails?] 1. You could learn more about the importance and impact of Business Intelligence. 2. This is the platform to build your network in the industry and like-minded peers.

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Productivity Community Launch & Meetup

by The Real Planner | 18 Aug 2018

ana tomy

We are so excited to be launching our first Productivity Community on FutureLab and you are invited to join us! In our first meetup, we will be discussing about some planning and organizational tools: Pen vs Keyboard. Agenda: 3:30PM Introdution to FutureLab and The Real Planner 3:40PM What can you expect by being a part of the Productivity Community? 3:50PM Pen vs Keyboard Discussion 4:30PM Productive Networking 5:00PM End Come and meet like-minded people like yourself: Productive, Proactive, Positive, Performing, Proficient, Planner, Progressive, Persistent, Purposeful, Prudent... or if you are aiming to be more of a Type-P, this community is for you too!

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The Complete Workshop by The Real Planner

by The Real Planner | 18 Aug 2018

ana tomy

Our one-day workshop series is back with Series 1: Get-Productive and Series 2: Stay-Productive, both happening on 18th August 2018. Each series is modular and buildable in any sequence. So if you have gone through one and not the other, we would love to have you join us at any of our upcoming workshop! Agenda: - Series 1: Get-Productive! 1000 - Customize you ana tomy notebook 1030 - Core Values 1100 - Mental Energy 1140 - Mental Energy Framework 1215 - Break Series 2: Stay-Productive! 1215 - Customize you ana tomy notebook 0100 - The 4 Tendencies Framework 0140 - Free Time Analysis 0215 - Activity Tracker 0300 - End Start with customising an ana tomy notebook and get ready to heighten your productivity, maximise your efficiency, and expand your capacity, and take your life to the next level. Welcome to The Real Planner. What’s Included for first-timer: An ana tomy personalised planner (worth RM128) Bookmark ruler Gel ink pen Name personalisation on the spot Packaging - Workshop hosted by: Ashley Suelyn, CEO of The Real Planner Get your ticket now at https://ana-tomy.co/the-real-planner/ #antmworkshop #anatomyworkshop #anatomyfortherealplanner #productivity #planner

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LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur #6 (July 2018)

by LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur | 28 Jul 2018

Kaodim, @Uptown 5

Registration is CLOSED for this month's meetup. You don't want to miss out August meetup? Fill this up so we can email you the info soon: https://goo.gl/forms/3UI4hrhJ2ySEPxrE3 *Registration fee is only to cover our costs like meals, drinks, etc. and LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur organizing team is not making any profit. *Contact us for more info at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alishams254/ What to Expect? Every gathering may be different. In this session, here is what you get: a) Refreshments b) Networking with others across Klang Valley c) Meeting experts who will be invited as panelists. d) Develop effective relationships that may lead to so many opportunities in your life. e) Learn leadership through a fun activity Main Agenda: 1) Registration while enjoying refreshments 2) Panel discussion (approx. 45 min) 3) A fun insightful activity on "Leadership" conducted by our supporting partner, Human Inc 4) Open Mic 5) Networking + bites and drinks You may get more info about LinkedInLocal Kuala Lumpur as well as the panelists at: https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedinlocalKL Join the community of LinkedinLocal and stay in touch with experts across Malaysia and Singapore at: https://futurelab.my/users/sign_up?program_signup=LinkedInLocal%20Malaysia&enterprise=13 *Still under development, not all features are implemented yet* #LinkedInLocal #LinkedInLocalKL #LinkedInMeetup #LocalX #LocalXKL

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July Network & Chill

by Campus Hero | 28 Jul 2018

Co-Labs Coworking, Starling Mall,6, Jalan SS 21/37, Petal...

It's July and it's time for another #CampusHero network and chill meet up. � The CampusHero team would like to invite you to our upcoming July Network and Chill meetup! The purpose for the meetup is to enable students and mentors to mingle in a free and casual manner, in hopes that the two parties will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories. This time around, we will be bringing in mentors from #consulting! Mentors from Accenture, PwC and many other famous consulting firms will be there. So if you have any specific curiosity, inquiries or just general wonderment about consulting, do join us and have your curiosity satiated! [What this opportunity entails?] 1. You could learn and explore more about a career in consulting. 2. This is a chance to network directly with consultants from renowned consulting firms. This is the platform to build your network into consulting.

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