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How being a mentor with FutureLab impacts the community.

Through FutureLab, you will encourage the personal and professional development of a mentee through the sharing of knowledge, expertise, experience and help many children receive better education at the same time.

Who are we impacting?

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100% Project

Fund innovation teaching projects and help students get basic school amenities.

Charity teachformalaysia 2b529eb11ca2c69950d5c51eeb7803b1eeff3750f4d4d762de9fbccf466f5658
Teach For Malaysia

Provide education opportunities for underprivileged students.

Charity edunation 66bcbfda5147241c544ffa88884b72777c46728039d31a8d1c818dd5b94bc68c

Enable free online learning for school students.

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Being involved in mentoring through FutureLab provides some tangible benefits that can reward you with

How do I become a mentor on FutureLab?

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Apply online

Provide simple details on a sign up form.

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Tell us enough for us to know you.

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What are mentor tiers?

Tier one e1b5509cfc90b806c22caaac01f2ff8758d84642ab467242d175a1499457adf2
Tier 1

1-3 years of industry experience.

Tier two 552576e2782fa8a5f108b2e22ba8516e851257d2ebe8e657228b773b63bec862
Tier 2

3-5 years of industry experience.

Tier three d12c718a0e68a8587b8b86897d817ea3008a60229ac5360a9d807785e54eab1d
Tier 3

5-10 years of industry experience.

Tier four e4e87d107a3bb5662dcf124765dc5f441f8ac97ab5a90897ebf2785f257254b3
Tier 4

10+ years of industry experience.

Don't take our word for it


It's been a great experience being one of the mentors for FutureLabs, and I hope whatever insights and experiences I shared was able to help in some way. In turn, it was also really interesting to hear from the mentees - their past study / work experiences and career aspirations. FutureLabs is a great platform and I wish it had existed back when I was in university!

- Stefanie Kok


The setting up of FutureLab is timely. The current economic climate has led to a fiercely competitive job market both within Malaysia and abroad. Fresh graduates and students would therefore benefit from having access to all necessary guidance before making the all-important decision of what career or job to opt into. FutureLab has made the making of that decision that much easier.

- Gregory Das

Jesslyn tan

I am glad that I come across to know about future lab as a mentorship platform. I had the pleasure to speak to Jo Yee and she demonstrates a positive vibe and exhibits enthusiasm in mentoring. From her sharing, I now have better understanding about marketing sector and gain useful career insights on moving forward. Any mentee would be lucky to speak to Jo Yee!

- Jesslyn Tan

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