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FutureLab Mentors are passionate people. They love what they do and they are a part of this community because they truly want to listen, understand and share their experiences with individuals who will benefit from it.

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Why join the mentor community?

Remember how confused and stressed out YOU were when you started working or deciding what to do next? By acting as a mentor, you can help make the transition easier on someone else. Having a mentor is also associated with improved job satisfaction, positive career plans, quicker promotions, and a greater porbability that the mentee will eventually become a mentor themselves.

Don't be afraid to share your failures as well as your success, some of the best lessons come from the worst mistakes. Share your tips for making entertaining powerpoint presentations, effective websites, or even the best spot for lunchtime appetizers. You love your job - why not encourage someone else to feel the same.

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Other ways to contribute while you mentor

M webinar

Host webinars to educate our community members.

M articles

Write articles to share on your area of expertise and interest.

M workshop

Create a mentoring program for mentees to join.

M corporate visits
Corporate Visits

Host a tour of your work place.

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Google Hangout

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Physical Meetup

How to connect with mentee on FutureLab?

Have a mentoring session from where ever you are; at the comfort of your own home.

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Why we charge?

On FutureLab, we would like to provide you the best mentoring experience. In order to do so, we charge a minimal fee to run the platform smoothly. The remaining portion of the fee supports our education initiatives.

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The community needs you

Are you interested in becoming a mentor? Here is what you need to know once you've applied.

*All applications will be reviewed in the beginning of every month.

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Week 1: Application Review

FutureLab will review your application and be in touch

Week 2: Mentor Interview

Get screened bu FutureLab

Week 3: Complete a series of task

Show us your dedication

Week 4: Attend our monthly meet up

Meet the community

Apply to be a mentor

"If you're not sure, ask." I find FutureLab providing just that platform for what Gen-Y and Millennial go-getters need. The opportunity to talk with individuals who have been there done that helps shed clarity on the many dreams and visions we have, whether it's an area we would like to pursue or are considering.

- Melody Sim, Mentee