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FutureLab Mentors are passionate people. They love what they do and they are a part of this community because they truly want to listen, understand and share their experiences with individuals who will benefit from it.

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What does it take to become a mentor on FutureLab?

Have a minimum of two years experience

Want to make a difference in others peoples’ lives by sharing knowledge, experience, and time with others who are exploring starting a business, making a career transition, or exploring career options

Have ongoing availability to schedule 1-hour a week, live video and/or phone sessions with FutureLab mentees

How you could help the community

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Host webinars to educate our community members and raise funds for Education Initiatives.

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Write articles to share on The Futurist (blog) on your area of expertise and interest.

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Create a mentoring program for mentees to join.

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Be part of various online and offline events to share and learn.

Who are we impacting?

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Help young students discover their interests and to guide them in discovering potential career options.

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Young Professionals

Guide young professionals to take the right steps while they navigate through their career with new strategies, skills or career paths.

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Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Help potential entrepreneurs turn ideas into budding start-ups.

Our Selection Process

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Provide simple details on a sign up form.

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Once FutureLab receives your application, we will review and get back to you within x working days.

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If you are eligible to be a mentor, we will schedule an online interview with you.

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After the interview, if accepted you will receive an email to on-board you onto the platform.

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Being involved in mentoring through FutureLab provides some tangible benefits that can reward you with

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It's been a great experience being one of the mentors for FutureLabs, and I hope whatever insights and experiences I shared was able to help in some way. In turn, it was also really interesting to hear from the mentees - their past study / work experiences and career aspirations. FutureLabs is a great platform and I wish it had existed back when I was in university!

- Stefanie Kok


The setting up of FutureLab is timely. The current economic climate has led to a fiercely competitive job market both within Malaysia and abroad. Fresh graduates and students would therefore benefit from having access to all necessary guidance before making the all-important decision of what career or job to opt into. FutureLab has made the making of that decision that much easier.

- Gregory Das

Jesslyn tan

I am glad that I come across to know about future lab as a mentorship platform. I had the pleasure to speak to Jo Yee and she demonstrates a positive vibe and exhibits enthusiasm in mentoring. From her sharing, I now have better understanding about marketing sector and gain useful career insights on moving forward. Any mentee would be lucky to speak to Jo Yee!

- Jesslyn Tan

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