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FutureLab Mentors are passionate people. They love what they do and they are a part of this community because they truly want to listen, understand and share their experiences with individuals who will benefit from it.

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Becoming a FutureLab mentee is about taking charge to create a career that you love with the uspport of our mentors. In this community, our mentees find support and inspiration to achieve their dreams and career goals.

To date, our mentees community have gone on to hit notable milestones in their careers. They have found their passion, secured new jobs and started their own companies. In addition to developing themselves, they have used the knowledge gained to support their peers who are aiming for the same goals.

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What you gain as a mentee

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Goal Setting

Setting academic and/or career goals and taking steps to achieve them.

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Gain a skill

Development of new skills such as leadership or public speaking.

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Career Jump Start

information about returning after a career break and advice about obtaining a work/life balance.

And there's more.

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Represent your school as a FutureLab ambassador.

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Join events, workshops, and webinars.

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Be part of different online communities and programs.

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Get an employability score from the mentors.


"Received meaningful insights on ACCENTURE and different fields of consulting. I learned a lot from this session and Kelly was really helpful in providing me with the necessary knowledge and feedback."

- Ryan Ong, Mentee

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Physical Meetup

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"Brian was very forthcoming with insights into the startup scene in Malaysia, and he was happy to share all his experiences in starting a company. Brian has the rare combination of being an ex-management consultant and also a founder in a fast-growing startup. It was great to be able to talk to him about the differences in each industry, for someone like me that is considering both."

- Jonathan Kung, Mentee