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Why join the FutureLab Initiative

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Attract the Right Talent

Tap into a large talent pool across 62 countries and reduce HR cost involved to hire for your company.

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Build Employee Brand

Broadcast your company's mission, culture, values and provide candidates insights into to your company.

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Employee Engagement

Invite your staff members to join as mentors, be brand ambassadors and build trust for your brand.

How it Works

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We Create a Profile for You

Your page on FutureLab is your place to tell your company story. We will come to your office, capture what makes your company unique and bring your corporate brand to life.

We Help You Promote Your Profile

Fresh graduates and job seekers will be able to receive mentoring from your company employees, see how great it is to work at your company and in return you will get qualified candidates who are keen to apply.

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You Attract New Talents

We will feature you in emails and social posts to help you raise your brand awareness.

Make a Difference

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Education Initiatives

Empower your staff members to be a part of a collective impact

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Publish and share content

Educate the next generation of leaders through thought and information sharing

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