FutureLab Campus Hero Interviews: Yung Khang, Assistant Audit Manager at EY on Dota for Dummies

I am Wan Teng, a UCSI student, and a FutureLab Campus Hero a.k.a Student Representative of FutureLab at a university. I have no clue whatsoever about Dota 2. Recently FutureLab decided to host a Dota 2 Tournament between corporate and universities as an initiative to bridge the gap between students and working professionals. Their aim is not only to host a  Dota 2 tournament, but to educate students about the participating companies, bring light onto the Esports industry, and provide students the opportunities to develop a new skill.  Through this, I received the opportunity to learn about Dota 2 from the Captain of Esports Club at EY, Mr. Yung Khang


Following are excerpts from a FutureLab Campus Hero interview with Wan Teng from UCSI and Yung Khang, Assistant Audit Manager at EY (Malaysia)


WT: How does Dota 2 work?

YK: The concept of Dota 2 is similar to a chess match. Each team consists of 5 members and there’ll be 2 different teams in total as the opponent and the defendant. The main objective of the game is destroying the thrones of your enemies as much as you can and the winning party will be determined once the thrones of one party get destroyed completely. Usually, it will take around 45 minutes to complete the match.

WT: Use one word to describe Dota 2.

YK: Stressful.

WT: What are the beginner tips in Dota 2?

YK: Firstly, communication is the key. You’ll need to collaborate with your teammate to achieve a common understanding of the strategic plan to attack your enemy. Secondly, understand your team’s composition. It is something important to determine the results of the game. Someone could be expert in attacking and someone could be expert in defending. It would be great if you can determine the ability of your team members and assign mixed roles for each of them using suitable heroes. Lastly, understand your heroes. Out of the 112 heroes available in Dota 2 which 111 of them are playable, you must determine the hero that suits your position as a team to launch the attack to the opponents. 


WT: Among the heroes available in the game, which heroes would you recommend the beginners to kickstart with?

YK: Wraith King, Sniper & Razor. Each of these heroes consists of only 1 or 2 active skills and thus it’s not so complex for beginners use it.

WT: Teach me one of the Dota 2 hacks in 5 minutes.

YK: Each hero has 6 item slots on their inventory, 3 backpack slots and 6 more in their stash. Items are very important to them because it will provide special abilities for them to attack their enemies. In order to increase your speed in changing the item slots, make use of your teleport to cast your items at your back. There’ll be 6 seconds of cooling down period to enable your hero to reach the base and swap the items at your backpack slots in order for you to continue in attacking the enemies with new items.

 WT: In your opinion, how would Dota 2 benefit the players?

YK: I would say Dota 2 trains our abilities in reaction to time and coordination with one another as a team. There are 45 minutes available per match and thus, it requires a lot of strategic planning and coordination on the actions to be taken in order to destroy the thrones of the opponent within that period of time as a team.

WT: As there’s a lot of things to look forward to FutreLab Dota 2 Tournament, what is the thing you’re most excited for?

YK: Our team is looking forward to competing with the university students because it will be a good experience for the team to gauge how good the competitors are. Since the team went through a tough selection process at the beginning in order to compete in this competition, we hope for the best for this competition. Furthermore, EY has started to develop the e-sports team in the company as the e-sports industries are growing well nowadays. We aim to take this competition as a stepping-stone to bring us to greater heights in future.



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