Why You Should Not Be Too Distant from Your School Alumni

Many educational institutions have a misguided perception of alumni associations: in many cases, they are not sure how to utilise their alumni network to the fullest potential. Many are of the opinion that the alumni are good for fundraising and donations, and that’s about it. However, this could not be any further from the truth. Alumni networks are more immensely beneficial to the institutions, in ways that go beyond just monetary assistance. How? You may wonder. Here are a few.


    • The alumni are an institution’s best form of publicity. A testimonial from a former student is more powerful and more relatable than an ad on the internet.
    • The alumni can provide resources to their alma mater, in the form of field trips, job shadows, internship opportunities and many more. These resources, varied as they are, can be utilised if there is a strong relationship between the alumni and the institution.
    • The alumni can serve as mentors to current students, especially graduating students, helping them find their career path and succeed in it, and thus boosting the institution’s reputation
    • The alumni association serves as a reservoir of various opportunities. Alumni can serve as references to enable graduating students to find their dream jobs.
    • Alumni can raise substantial funds for their institution. They can also institute scholarships for deserving students.

    The strength of an institution is built on the foundation of its alumni. Keep your alumni close and the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs.

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