Youths Today are Not That Terrible

But if anything, statistics have shown that the current generation is so much better than the previous. Youths today are much less likely to use drugs, have sex, use guns, go on riots, etc compared to youths of the previous generation.

However, what is more important are the things no one is saying. No one is talking about how good the youths are today. No one is talking about how young people nowadays are more entrepreneurship-oriented than ever before. Nobody is talking about how today’s youths are more involved in charity and volunteering than the previous generation. No one is talking about how youths today start fending for themselves much earlier than it was previously. Nobody is talking about how young people today are more likely to obey rules than previous generations. 

The plain truth is, today’s youth are behaving and performing much better than their predecessors. Granted, they have technology backing their efforts, but they also have to experience the downsides of this technological invasion. 

So why don’t we shed the negative narrative. Let us instead begin to recognize the efforts of those who are working to create a better future for themselves. 

And for the youths who are working hard to better their future, we have mentors who are willing to volunteer their time and experience to help you achieve your goals. Speak to a mentor today.