AirAsia: Core Values Revealed

On November 22nd 2017, FutureLab Mentor, Allan Phang, who is Allstars Engagement and Internal Branding, Group People and Culture Team at AirAsia hosted a webinar on being an AirAsia’s Allstar. 

He first explained about what an Allstar is. Allstar is a term that describes AirAsia’s employees or new recruits, Allan explains the reason they call their employees Allstar is because they want them to feel much more special and unique working in AirAsia because each of them plays a unique role in the company.

To be able to be the AirAsia’s Allstars they need to have certain core values that AirAsia thinks all Allstar should have. The 6 core values of Allstar are very new and have yet to be shared with the public. These core values will determine success of an individual on becoming a successful AirAsia Allstar.


1. Make it happen


The first core value is that every Allstar should be proactive in doing things. Allstars should take the initiatives in carrying out every single task that they think it is right and is beneficial to the company. For example, training Allstars to think and act like an owner can help them to produce quality work rather than doing it for the sake of completing a work. Owners tend to care more on the details of the tasks to build good products.





2. Do it right

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The second core value is doing things right. Allan says that having Allstars to question themselves on the reason behind their task can help them to know why and they do a job. If they know what they are doing, they can think of smart ways to execute a task without having to access or use too much resources. Saving the cost of executing tasks can be a big help to the company.





3. More with less

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The third core value is having Allstars to prioritise tasks. Even though multi-tasking is a one of the most important skillset that employers are looking for in an employee but having a person that knows which task to execute first is more important because they can do more things when they are focusing on a single task and then proceed to the next task.





4. Put people first

The fourth value may sound like a value that employers should have because putting employees first are the right thing to do. In AirAsia, Allstars should have a good attitude towards everyone even they are not working in the same department or management level. Mistreating people is not a good example of AirAsia Allstar. They are encouraged to listen to the opinions of others to understand their difficulties and problems.


5. All for one

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The fifth value focuses on having Allstars that are united. AirAsia is a global company and Allstars can come from many different countries mainly Asia, having a united community of Allstars can boost the workforce of the company. For example, engineers of the aircraft will help the cabin crew on preparing the next flight for customers if they see them need help even the job is not their expertise.




6. Now everyone can fly

Image result for now everyone can flyThe sixth value is taken from AirAsia’s famous tagline which is “Now everyone can fly!”. Allstars are not limited to the position they are in, they can switch their role in the company if they want to learn something completely new. A good example is Allan himself, he is currently on his 6th portfolio in AirAsia and he is doing great. He explains that switching role can be easier in AirAsia than other companies but Allstars are also required to demonstrate their interest in the role they wanted to be.


So, what does it take to join AirAsia?

In my opinion, the simplest answer is that people should train themselves by using the 6 core values above as a guide. Though the 6 core values are created by AirAsia as a reminder for their Allstars to be an impressive individual, they can be applied to almost every organization or person. Take “Make it happen!” as an example. The core value literally means start doing the things that has been on your mind. Many people tend to talk about their dreams instead of making it happen and that is what the core value is reminding us that stop thinking or talking about it and start doing it. For example, if you are keen on creating impressive graphics then you should probably start drawing instead of thinking how to draw.



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This article was written by Chee Seng Leong. Chee Seng is a 20 year old student that is about to graduate from diploma. He does UI design, speaks HTML, CSS, a  us JavaScript newbie. He is also a  FutureLab Campus Hero who is constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between education and career for himself and his friends.