Students: Get a head start on your career— as a FutureLab Campus Writer

There’s a lot you can do on FutureLab to help you get ahead in your career and find your way in to new opportunities — regularly writing on FutureLab and sharing your experiences and perspective is certainly one of them. It’s a great way to build up your reputation on a topic and get noticed by others in your industry who have similar interests.

With this in mind, we are launching our Campus Writer program, enabling university students to begin writing and growing their own active communities on FutureLab alongside many influential mentors.

Our Campus Writers operate much like journalists, working with our content team to pitch ideas, write and edit articles, and publish stories on FutureLab. As a FutureLab CampusHero, we also encourage Campus Writers to encourage their peers on campus to write about things that matter to them. This program aims to help Campus Writers communicate and connect with a variety of professionals and unlock everything from internships and job offers to speaking event invites and re-publishing offers from news publications.

And today, we’re excited to say we’re accepting applications for our first batch of Campus Writers.

To sweeten the deal for this year’s Campus Writer, each student will receive a referral letter from industry leaders, a personal mentor to develop a skillset, network expansion, a platform to grow, quarterly FutureLab credits. 

Interested? Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • You love creating and finding great content
  • You want to understand how content creation and distribution works at scale
  • You have a deep belief that the student voice matters and want to help bring those perspectives to a wide audience
  • You are ambitious, driven, passionate and collaborative
  • You are deadline-driven and committed to completing tasks

If this sounds like a fit, submit an application today!  

We can’t wait to welcome our very first class of #StudentLeaders!