5 Things You Need to do to Become More Employable

At FutureLab we care about you and want you to move forward in your career and develop as a person and so we have compiled a list of 5 things that we feel will help to make you more employable

1: Build Digital Skills

Technology is becoming more important in business. For you to be able to excel at work you need to be able to use technology effectively.

2: Effective Communication

Talk in clear and simple terms to get your point across in the workplace.

3: Keep Learning

Employers like to see that you value yourself and learn new things without having to be told. Take a few online courses to learn new skills

4: Think Critically

This allows you to work through problems solve better. This makes you more valuable as an employee.

5: Build Interpersonal Skills

Learning how to interact with the people around you is important as it allows you to participate more and work better in a team setting.