Mentor of the Week: Cyril Dhenaut

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hello there! My name is Cyril Dhenaut and I am 27 years old. I studied in France where I went to a Business School. I have recently launched Mataris a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur.

Why are you a mentor on FutureLab?

Being a Mentor on FutureLab means a lot to me. I do believe that everybody needs to be mentored at some point along a career. That can help you save a lot of time and avoid many mistakes. There is no better way to grow than to share knowledge –  and mentorship is a nice way to do so. I hope I will be able to contribute to some people’s’ careers in a positive way. Last but not least, having the opportunity to be involved in a social project on a foreign country is very important for me.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to all the mentees out there?

If I had only one piece of advice for all the mentees, it would be:

Define your objectives and strive toward it. I have seen quite a lot of people chasing ‘false’ dreams and being unhappy. So try to be honest when you do the exercise, if it is money that you are after, then money it is and do what is necessary. If it is having time to spare with family then make sure you always keep that in mind and not being lured by some promotion that would drive you away from that privileged time.

Did you ever have a mentor?

I wouldn’t say that I had one mentor per se, but rather several mentors. Each one of them have helped me better define what really gives me professional satisfaction and also being more efficient and sharp at my job.

Name one major challenge you faced & how you overcame it?

I think creating Mataris in Malaysia was definitely a big one.  Because not only creating   a company in a foreign country is complicated but it was also for me a professional achievement to open something by my own. How I overcame it? I think at some point you have to stop questioning and just jump. Making mistakes and trying new things will eventually benefit you, always.

What is one tip you’d give to those looking to improve their time management?

Sleep. Easier to say than do though. But having a good night of sleep will help you throughout the whole day. If you are more sharp, then every decision will be easier and quicker to make. That alone should already save you plenty of time.

What do you miss most about school?

Undoubtedly sports. I had been doing a lot of different sports and I really miss that golden period. It is much more complicated today to find time to do as much sport as I would like to.

What do you do in your free time?

Sports, of course. I play in a football team and always enjoy hitting the ball on the tennis court. I have to say that the Malaysian heat gives me a hard time. I am also a big movies fan. Cinema, movies, series, you name it.

If you could have any one superpower, what would it be?

Since I was a child I always dreamt of controlling electricity. Don’t ask.

Your favourite quote?

That is a hard one. But I would say: “happiness is only real when shared”. Yes, Into The Wild is one of my favourite movies!

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