FutureLab Campus Hero Interviews: Chang Yang Tze, Producer & Content Creator at Astro’s eGG Network

Following are excerpts from a FutureLab Campus Heroes interview with Naren Neo and Chang Yang Tze, Producer & Content Creator at Astro’s Egg Network


N: Tell me about yourself and what do you do for eGG Network.

Y: My name is Chan Yang Tze and I’m 27 year this year. As you know eGG Network is the first Esports channel in South East Asia. My day to day job entails broadcasting live tournaments, creating content in eGG Network and for gamers to watch.


N: Is the environment provided to you conducive to support both your gaming and working needs?

Y: I mean we are after all a gaming channel, so we have The Beast, a PC worth 50k that is being used for streaming, gaming and everything else that we want to do. But when it comes to work, we work. The nature of our work is vastly different from a “normal” job. As a production company, we have many continuous deadlines to meet which demands we work on weekends and even public holidays. It’s exhausting but I don’t mind it because it is enjoyable at the same time. My job allows me to meet my favorite Esports players, travel around the world, cover Esports events and much much more. Also to add on to that, occasionally we game while we work. I don’t think anyone would mind the exhaustion if the love for their job and perks made up for it.


N: Do you think that you as a gaming gives you an added advantage as a working professional?

Y: In what I do of course. If I don’t keep up with the E-sports scene, I won’t be able to know what content to create for viewers out there. If I don’t play games, I might as well not cover any E-sports event. Anybody who works in this office, they somewhat have to be a gamer one way or another, either a console, mobile or a PC gamer.


N: How does Astro, your parent company, encourage the eGG Network professionals to balance both gaming and work?

Y: It’s not about encouraging in my line of work. If you do something you really like, it’s not really work. If you really like gaming, then its best to incorporate it in your job. It’s like the E-sports players out there. They love the game so much that they do it as a thing they love. It’s never a job for them. There Is no such thing as balance between work and game if you are doing what you love especially in the industry I am in. I can’t say the same for other companies as they may have a different job scope compared to mine.


N: Is the team playing for FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament the first Dota 2 team within Astro? If yes, how was it formed.

Y: Yes, we are the first. It’s a funny story how we developed a team. To be honest, the five of us have never played the game (Dota 2) together before. My boss came up to me one day and said there is an upcoming Dota 2 tournament and asked if we would like to join. I was like sure, why not. That is how I became the team captain and in charge of creating a team. I asked my colleagues and their response was ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS.’ Everyone got on board and that is how our team formed. We decided we wanted to participate and just have some fun.


N: So how long have you been playing Dota and how did you find out about the game?

Y: I started playing Dota when I was 16. Those were the World of Warcraft days. My brother played and introduced Dota to me. Back then I was quite an avid gamer. I played Maple story, O2 Jam and many more. To answer your question, I started playing Dota with my brother 16 years ago.


N: Is this your first Esports tournament? How do you feel about it?

Y: Yes, it’s my first and to be honest we are neither nervous or excited. This is because we know we are potentially going to loose against the university students. We really just want to have some fun and bond with our team mates who are constantly flying around, and this seemed like a great opportunity to do so.


N: Who is your favorite and hated hero in Dota 2?

Y: Lich. My favorite is always Lich. I have the highest win rate with this hero no matter what patch it is. He is a really good hero. I don’t dislike facing Venomancer. He is just so annoying. I hope they nerf him in the next patch.


N: What role will you and your team mates be playing at the tournament?

Y: Pinda will be playing mid, our Safelane carry will be Bryan, Offlaner will be Danelie, Naim will be roaming Support, and I will be playing Hard Support.


N: Who is your idol in the Dota 2 scene?

Y: There are a lot but the pioneer will definitely be Dendi as he is the face of Dota. I really want to meet him someday. But as of this very moment, I would say it is Miracle. He is such a nice guy, so humble and down to earth. I really respect him and everyone from team. But my first will always be Dendi.


N: What do you think of the Dota 2 scene in Malaysia?

Y: It’s definitely on the rise. We try our best to promote the local scene as we are trying to find our next MidOne or Mushi.  We are also trying to find the next team that would be the pioneers for a Dota team in Malaysia.  We can see more tournaments coming up with higher prize pools such as the MESL recently. So, it’s something that we want to do which is promote not just the Dota 2 scene but E-sports in general. We want the community to realise that gaming can be more than a hobby but it also can be career.


N: Last question. What advice do you have for new players that want to play competitively?

Y: Honestly just play the game and mute all your chat. Especially if you start at a lower MMR as it is really toxic. Just mute and play your game.



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This article was written by Narenjit Singh who is better known as Naren Neo. He is currently a final year student at UNIMY.