FutureLab Campus Heroes Interviews: Yung Khang, Assistant Audit Manager at EY on Esports at EY

Following are excerpts from a FutureLab Campus Heroes interview with Jeremy Tay & Jing Yih and Yung Khang, Assistant Audit Manager at EY (Malaysia)



CH: Tell us the history of the Esports team in EY

YK: The Esports team in EY was established last year (2016). I was trying to initiate Esports here after realising that the Esports industry was growing. I organised a friendly interfirm game as a proof of concept. The proof of concept was successful and as a result, Esports was incorporated into the interfirm (Intra EY) games this year. The existence of Esports and our ability to gather a team to represent EY in Esports led to our involvement at the IAFG (Inter-accounting Firm Games). There are many Esports teams in EY, but only the best players represent EY at tournaments. The decision on best players are made based on observation when tournaments take place. The team that will be playing at FutureLab’s Dota Tournament consist of 2 individuals from Advisory and 2 from Audit.


CH: Why did your team join FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament?

YK: For a few reasons, (1) it will be great exposure for us. We have only played against other accounting firms so far and it will be interesting for us to play against companies from different industries and university students. I assume the university students will be really good at this. (2) It is a good opportunity for us to show that EY is not all about long hours and (3) to acquire talents. Co-curricular activities do hold weight when it comes to talent acquisition. EY Partners treat the IAFG as an important event and that is one of the reasons individuals who play sports appeal to us. This year was the first time we had a Dota team for IAFG. We played against 11 firms and secured 3rd place.


CH: How has your team been preparing for the tournament?

YK: We play pub games to train. For IAFG particularly, we asked other teams to train with us. Post training we meet up for post mortems to discuss our mistakes and areas of improvement.


CH: Does the existence of the Esports team in EY fall to help employees strike work-life balance? How else does EY encourage employees to strike work life balance?

YK: Playing Esports or any sports in EY does help with work-life balance and it is something EY is proud of. Our seniors are very supportive of it and have showed up to a lot of games. Apart from encouraging participation in tournaments such as FutureLab’s, IAFG, we have annual dinners, social nights and festival celebrations. Individual departments also take charge of department specific trip. For example, my subline recently was in Redang to encourage team bonding. Some sublines and teams have even travelled overseas.


CH: Do students who play Esports have a competitive advantage when trying to set foot into the workforce?

YK: It is not limited to Esports, any curricular activity is an added advantage. As for how gaming adds an advantage for day to day work, it improves strategic thinking ability and also helps to develop familiarity with technology. This is especially beneficial since we are moving towards a digital era. Being a gamer has also helped me to work more efficiently. An example is the short cut key. Surprisingly I find that it saves me time. I also use my gaming mouse for work because I macro some of the functions into it.


CH: Are the any departments in EY that Esports players are best suited for?

YK: I think any department will find talents who have the ability to strategically think and adapt useful.

CH: What do you want to say to the teams facing EY at the FutureLab Dota Tournament?

YK: Good luck and have fun!


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This article was written by Lim Jing Yih (extreme left) from SEGi College and Jeremy Tay (extreme right) from Monash Malaysia. They are both FutureLab Campus Heroes and are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between education and career for themselves and their friends.