Futurelab Campus Hero Interviews: Wei Jin, Health, Safety & Environment Executive at Petronas on the Petronas Esports Club

When Malaysians think ‘Petronas’, they largely think “Malaysia’s Oil & Gas Company”. However, Petronas is more than that.  I was recently at the Petronas Office which is located in the iconic Petronas Twin Towers to find out about their Esports Club and the involvement of the team members in FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament: Corporates vs Universities. I spoke with Wei Jin who told me more. 


Wei Jin (on the right) and I (on the left) at the KLCC Bridge


So, how did it start?
Petronas officiated their own Dota2 team in June 2017. History was created when Wei Jin, the team captain joined Petronas in 2012 as an intern. He had met Fadzley then, who is also a team member and they would play Dota 2 together.

A couple of years later, Wei Jin joined Petronas and as a full-time employee and the duo organised a Dota 2 Tournament within Petronas in April 2017. This tournament brought exposure to the Esports Club at Petronas which existed but was not well known about. A total of 14 teams competed in a tournament and the winners were Wei Jin’s team.

That is what led to Wei Jin and his teams involvement in FutureLab’s Dota 2 Tournament Invitationals.


Background of Dota 2 Tournament players

The team representing Petronas at the Dota 2 Tournament come from different departments and background.

a.  Wei Jin works in the Health, Safety and Environment Deparment

b.  Arif is in upstream strategic communication

c. Kaw Wai works in upstream drilling and,

d.  Fadzley does Project Delivery & Technology

e.  whereas Khalis and Anas work as offshore engineers


The dynamics of the team
Wei Jin shared that the team finds it challenging to find time to play together. This is mostly because they come from different departments which mean workload differs at different times and they aren’t always in the same location. However, these factors don’t stop them. The advantage of a sport like Dota 2 is that it can be organised and played remotely.


Benefits of playing Dota 2 or Esports
Wei Jin believes that with the increase in number of the younger generation, an increase is also being seen in the number of game players in a company. For companies especially, this is a great common characteristic to leverage off. According to him, it is a great way to break the ice between employees and facilitate employees to bond


Thoughts on bridging the gap between students and working professionals through Dota 2

Wei Jin believes that providing a platform where students can meet working professionals from a specific company is a great way to humanise corporate companies. One of the reasons Wei Jin and team decided to represent Petronas at the tournament is because they want to educate university students about the company, it’s culture and hopefully seem some of them join Petronas in future.




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Jeremy is a third-year student majoring in Finance and Business Analytics at Monash Malaysia. Driven to improve Malaysia’s education, he believes in FutureLab’s mission to educate and guide the youth of Malaysia even though he is not that old himself.