How to Land Your First Job
1.  Build your skills!

In your chosen profession, find out the important skill sets needed for you to succeed. It is important to develop those skills to create job opportunities for yourself. But more importantly, develop a habit of lifelong learning.

How should you do this? Google! The internet has a plethora of information and knowledge for you to learn. Apart from this, you should line up an internship to learn a specific skill. You could even start your own mini-project to pick up the necessary skills for you to succeed.

2.  Refine your CV, but don’t rely on it!

A good CV gives you a great impression and gets your foot through the door. As you become clear about your career goals, your CV should follow through as well.

But don’t rely on it too much! Create a channel that represents who you are, these include LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. Share your what you’re working on show your potential employers what you’re doing!

3.  Don’t focus primarily on the money!

There is a chance, you may not land a lucrative position on your first job. It is important that you focus on being reflective of whether you would enjoy the nature of the work.

You should also focus on the long-term value of the job. Would you be learning the skills that might be important in the future? Will you be working under a great boss?

4.  Network with people!

You could network with people from different places. It could be at career fairs, attending an interesting talk, or even networking events themselves. You can also leverage on digital platforms such as LinkedIn or even (shameless self-plug) FutureLab to meet and connect with people.

How does this help you?
Well, you basically have access to opportunities or jobs that are not listed. Most of the really great jobs are filled before it reaches the company’s website or any job search platforms. Network and be genuinely interested in befriending with people from the companies that you are interested in!

How can FutureLab help you in landing your first job?

With over 300 mentors on our platform, you can easily speak to anyone from different industries to gain invaluable insights. It is also a great platform for you to start networking with professionals from the industry.

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