Alumni Networks: What does the University stand to gain?

It is not uncommon to see high-end universities like Harvard and Stanford speak of their Alumni networks with so much pride, and it begs the question of why their Alumni is so important to them.

Here are 3 major reasons why every university should have a thriving Alumni network:

1. Support


Support from Alumni can manifest itself in several ways. A university which plans to extend its reach into foreign countries can always draw on the power of its Alumni to execute this, with less cost and more effectiveness. Support could be in the form of scholarships for deserving students. (Example: Harvard University). Support could manifest in so many other forms, including in university events, fundraising and so many more.


 2. Resources

A strong Alumni network is directly related to the quality of resources, human or otherwise, that a university can tap into. Do you need to establish contact with someone in Google Inc.? Your Alumni can make the connection. Or perhaps you want to conduct field trips to Marvel Studios? An Alumnus can have that arranged easier than the university staff will be able to.

Whatever the resource needed, more often than not, a university would have an alumnus who is in the right place to source it out. It all boils down to the strength of the university’s alumni network.


 3. Mentorship

With the job market changing so rapidly from what it used to be, the education sector is finding it quite a task to keep up with these changes. Thus, graduates realize that they are unprepared for their respective industries. However, current students of the university can get practical advice from their predecessors who have already overcome these issues, and thus avoid those pitfalls. Plus, the reputation of the university soars.

The benefits of a strong Alumni relationship are not limited to what has been discussed in this article. There are more benefits that abound and even more which will spring up in the coming years. Alumni networks, important as they are, are sadly being neglected by numerous universities. A turnaround in this phenomenon would definitely reflect on all parties involved, and in positive ways.

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