Why Alumni Mentorship?

Alumni mentorship, simply put, is when the former students of a school, being more knowledgeable about them during- and after- periods of education, help to guide current students, to ensure they avoid mistakes and they succeed.

Why is Alumni Mentorship such an important concept?
  • # The alumni know the ins and outs of the university. They know the useful tips and tricks that can help a student. They also have contacts within the university that they can take advantage of to assist students.


  • # The alumni know what it is like to be a newbie in the workforce. They have probably made some mistakes and made some discoveries, and they can pass on this knowledge to the students.


  • # The alumni are from different industries. They can help the students figure out which career path they want to follow in the future.


  • # The alumni can support current students in various ways, by sponsoring them, by offering them internship opportunities or jobs in their companies, by exposing them to other experts in the industry, and so many more.


  • # The alumni are in the best position to understand the struggles that the students may face in the college or university, and they have enough experience to suggest viable solutions.


Alumni mentorship is more important than many realize, and every institution should have a system for it in place. Do you want to know how to build an alumni mentorship network in your institution? FutureLab already has a platform that can help you.