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How to choose a mentor

by FutureLab | 06 Aug 2019

Many have compared the process of choosing a mentor with other kinds of relationships. Two of our favourites are these: Choosing a mentor is like choosing a spouse, but for only a short while Choosing a mentor is like hiring an employee, in reverse. Both of these analogies work well for us. Choosing a mentor is like a marriage of sorts because the mentors can make or break your career. The process of choosing a mentor is quite similar to hiring a new employee for a company. It is a funnel-like process. When you are faced with a pool of mentors with different qualities and different fields, as you would find at FutureLab, you need to be able to narrow down the pool to the few who would impact your career positively.      First, you will need to focus on the skillsets of mentors, in order to find those who have expertise in the specific skills that you are looking to hone. Among these mentors, there will be those who started in that field and are still thriving in it. There will also be those who were previously in a different field and have now transitioned. Decide which of these groups match your experience, or is more likely to have what you are looking for. Also, if you are searching for certain specifics, such as years of experience, level in the hierarchy, this point will be a good place to make that distinction.     By now, you should have a list of mentors who have the necessary skills and experience to help you succeed. Now, you can focus on personality, IQ, EQ, listening skills and values to choose your mentor. You definitely want to choose someone with a high IQ and EQ. If you are an introverted person, you may want to choose an introverted mentor to match you, or an extroverted one to emulate. Also, you need to ensure that your core values match those of the mentor that you will eventually choose. Most importantly, the person you choose should be a person of integrity. This is non-negotiable.   While choosing a mentor, understand that mentors are not life partners, they will not be with you forever. A mentor is there to walk you through that particular phase, and once you have moved on to the next level, you might need a new one.   Now that you know how to make your choice, head on over to FutureLab where we have experienced mentors from different industries waiting to connect with you.  

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Youths Today are Not That Terrible

by FutureLab | 01 Aug 2019

But if anything, statistics have shown that the current generation is so much better than the previous. Youths today are much less likely to use drugs, have sex, use guns, go on riots, etc compared to youths of the previous generation. However, what is more important are the things no one is saying. No one is talking about how good the youths are today. No one is talking about how young people nowadays are more entrepreneurship-oriented than ever before. Nobody is talking about how today’s youths are more involved in charity and volunteering than the previous generation. No one is talking about how youths today start fending for themselves much earlier than it was previously. Nobody is talking about how young people today are more likely to obey rules than previous generations.  The plain truth is, today’s youth are behaving and performing much better than their predecessors. Granted, they have technology backing their efforts, but they also have to experience the downsides of this technological invasion.  So why don’t we shed the negative narrative. Let us instead begin to recognize the efforts of those who are working to create a better future for themselves.  And for the youths who are working hard to better their future, we have mentors who are willing to volunteer their time and experience to help you achieve your goals. Speak to a mentor today.

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Why Alumni Mentorship?

by FutureLab | 24 Jul 2019

Alumni mentorship, simply put, is when the former students of a school, being more knowledgeable about them during- and after- periods of education, help to guide current students, to ensure they avoid mistakes and they succeed. Why is Alumni Mentorship such an important concept? # The alumni know the ins and outs of the university. They know the useful tips and tricks that can help a student. They also have contacts within the university that they can take advantage of to assist students.   # The alumni know what it is like to be a newbie in the workforce. They have probably made some mistakes and made some discoveries, and they can pass on this knowledge to the students.   # The alumni are from different industries. They can help the students figure out which career path they want to follow in the future.   # The alumni can support current students in various ways, by sponsoring them, by offering them internship opportunities or jobs in their companies, by exposing them to other experts in the industry, and so many more.   # The alumni are in the best position to understand the struggles that the students may face in the college or university, and they have enough experience to suggest viable solutions.   Alumni mentorship is more important than many realize, and every institution should have a system for it in place. Do you want to know how to build an alumni mentorship network in your institution? FutureLab already has a platform that can help you.

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Why You Should Not Be Too Distant from Your School Alumni

by FutureLab | 18 Jul 2019

Many educational institutions have a misguided perception of alumni associations: in many cases, they are not sure how to utilise their alumni network to the fullest potential. Many are of the opinion that the alumni are good for fundraising and donations, and that’s about it. However, this could not be any further from the truth. Alumni networks are more immensely beneficial to the institutions, in ways that go beyond just monetary assistance. How? You may wonder. Here are a few.   The alumni are an institution’s best form of publicity. A testimonial from a former student is more powerful and more relatable than an ad on the internet. The alumni can provide resources to their alma mater, in the form of field trips, job shadows, internship opportunities and many more. These resources, varied as they are, can be utilised if there is a strong relationship between the alumni and the institution. The alumni can serve as mentors to current students, especially graduating students, helping them find their career path and succeed in it, and thus boosting the institution’s reputation The alumni association serves as a reservoir of various opportunities. Alumni can serve as references to enable graduating students to find their dream jobs. Alumni can raise substantial funds for their institution. They can also institute scholarships for deserving students. The strength of an institution is built on the foundation of its alumni. Keep your alumni close and the benefits will certainly outweigh the costs. Contact FutureLab today to find out how to build your alumni network

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