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Through working with school counsellors, FINCO Mentor is a programme that helps upper secondary school students to discover their passion, understand their strengths and to see what’s out there in the wide world of careers.

As a school counsellor signing up for your school, you would be able to connect your aspiring students to mentors from all walks of life, of all ages who work in different careers. We’ll have CEOs of major corporations, engineers, accountants, educators and many more who are accessible to you and your students.

As a mentor you’ll be encouraging and advising our youth on future career paths and in doing so, you’ll be making a big difference to the lives of our youth.

Portal Learning Outcome

Helping youths to discover their passions

Helping youths to make better decisions for the future

Exposing youths to future careers and opportunities

Portal Duration

No Expiry



Target Participants

Upper secondary school students