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CEO of Iflix Malaysia

"Success is making a positive difference to other people, especially seeing others grow, succeed and thrive as a result of your own small contribution."

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Mentoring is An Active Process

Basically, you are accelerating your growth and exposure by riding on someone who is able to share their experiences with you. Mentoring is not a passive activity. True growth will only reveal itself if you approach it the right way and follow up with continuous sessions. It is not a one-off transaction.

Build Your Own Board of Directors

One of the most powerful things I have used in my personal development is having a small group of peers that acted almost as my personal Board of Directors. It was a safe space I created to build trust and confidentiality; to be vulnerable and open up my biggest fears and insecurities. That was even more difficult to do as a leader. I also meet with the same group of people over many years. These are people who understand my timeline, my context and where I come from, which makes the whole experience-sharing immensely valuable. That is the fundamental distinction between simply prescribing advice and sharing of experiences.

Use Them As Guideposts Not Authority

Mentors should be direct in giving advice. But a Mentor’s words are not unchallenged directions because they have not seen the whole context – a Mentee should distil, modify and adjust the advice to fit their own unique circumstances.

Know Your Sense of Purpose and Values

Think through carefully who you are as a person and the legacy or impact you want to leave behind. Always be adaptable and agile to external circumstances. Living in our current era of extreme volatility and uncertainty, it is impossible to make good decisions based on the notion “I now have all the information I need”. However, you can make the best available information based on the options which are most strongly anchored to your values. Know your sense of purpose and set of values because they should be the explicit yardstick when you make a decision. They will anchor the entire conversation.

My Story

Azran Osman-Rani is the iflix Group COO and CEO of iflix Malaysia. He was previously the Chief Executive Officer of AirAsia X. Prior to AirAsia X, Azran was a Senior Director of Business Development at Astro All Asia Networks plc, a Southeast Asian digital satellite television and radio broadcaster and content producer. In addition to these roles, Azran is a former McKinsey & Company and Booz Allen & Hamilton management consultant, and a Stanford University alumnus. Besides being a dedicated family man, he is also an Ironman triathlete and loves adventure travel. His first love was for Ultimate Frisbee during his Stanford University days when his team was ranked number one amongst the west coast states.

Industry Experience

Business Entrepreneurship Consumer Marketing and Brand Development


Startups Corporate Finance and Strategy Brand and Marketing




CEO, Dragon Keeper of the TAO

January 2015 - Present

Joining the iflix revolution to redefine television for a billion people across emerging markets. Relishing the exciting challenge of introducing a cool new way for everyone to enjoy thousands of hours of TV and movie content affordably and conveniently, on any device.

Mostly, to join a group of passionate and high-energy folks who are all pumped up about this incredible mission and adventure.

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AirAsia X


July 2007 - January 2015

Pioneering low-cost long-haul commercial aviation.


Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd

Senior Director, Business Development

March 2004 - June 2007

1. Business Development:
Evaluated all major growth initiatives and built a portfolio of 12 international media, entertainment & technology businesses in Indonesia, India, China, Singapore and Hong Kong – from business plan to fully-operational businesses.

2. Regulatory and Corporate Affairs:
Oversight responsibility for government and public relations, securing licenses and regulatory approvals, and license administration and compliance

Bursa Malaysia

Senior Vice President and Head, Business Tranformation

February 2002 - March 2003

Oversight of the corporate and organizational restructuring of the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) to demutualise into a for-profit corporation and preparation for public listing as Bursa Malaysia Berhad

McKinsey & Company

Associate Partner

March 2000 - January 2003

Asia Pacific Corporate Finance & Strategy practice

Booz allen hamilton logo

Booz Allen Hamilton


August 1995 - February 2000

Management Consultant


Johns hopkins kavlind

The John Hopkins University

Specialisation, Executive Data Science - Coursera

January 2017 - December 2017

1. A crash course in data science
2. Building a data science team
3. Managing data analysis
4. Data science in real life
5. Executive data science capstone


Stanford University

M.Sc, Management Science and Engineering

January 1994 - December 1995

Decision Analysis, Financial Analysis, Dynamic Systems, Operations Management, Statistics


Stanford University

B.Sc, Electrical Engineering

January 1990 - December 1994

Feedback Control Systems, Digital Systems, Signal Processing, Microelectronics

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