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CEO of FashionValet

"In anything you do, make sure it is worth it. Not just for yourself but for people around you and society because you are making a difference in someone's life. "

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Why is Mentoring Important

Having a mentors means to have a sounding board. When you are on the journey of entrepreneurship it can get very lonely. There are always problems that you face which are unexpected and you are going into the areas of the unknown. Mentors who have gone through the experiences and have had the same feelings about the personal and work life really helps.

How Having Mentors Helps Me

Having mentors helps me make decisions for the business and provides me with advice on my personal life. As the business grows, the responsibilities on my shoulder grow alongside it. I speak with my mentors about the pressures I face. Their advice helps me manage my work and personal life better.

Finding the Right Mentor

It comes down to speaking with many mentors and then finding the person that has the right chemistry with you and relevant experience. I have a few mentors that I go to at one point in time for help. They help me with my business and personal life decisions.

Advice to Mentees

Think about what you want to do and look at the big picture. You should question your goals and it's impact on society. Perseverance, self-belief, being realistic, and knowing your ultimate aim is important for you to see through any goal.

My Story

Fadza is the CEO and Co-Founder of Fashion Valet. He was an engineer from Imperial College London who moved into the fashion eCommerce industry. Fashion Valet is a online shopping platform that curates the best designers from around Southeast Asia. They have over 400 designers and brand now that they curated from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. It is now one of Malaysia’s largest online fashion and beauty retailer with an emphasis on home-grown designer products.

Industry Experience

Apparel & Fashion Entrepreneurship


Fashion eCommerce


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August 2010 - July 2011

Consultant in the Strategy & Operations team. Projects include:

• Feasibility study to develop an industry-focused city with free zone status for the plantation arm of a private conglomerate
• Feasibility study to establish an investment vehicle with high returns while complementing the group's other investment vehicles
• Transformed a university's brand strategy to be the “University of Choice” for school leavers and “Best Place to Work” for employees
• Conducted management and technical due diligence on a bio-fuel manufacturer to review its eligibility of applying for financing from a debt venture company


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Imperial College London

MEng, Aeronautical Engineering

January 2006 - June 2010

Part of the Imperial Racing Green design team; designed the power system for a zero-emission electric race cart using hydrogen fuel cells. The car entered into the Formula Zero Championships in Netherlands.

Designed a Cubesat for final year thesis; a 10 cm cube solar-powered satellite capable of relaying images, earth remote sensing, etc.

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