Amir Hisham
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Amir Hisham

Manager, Business Development








Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

Amir joined the Oil & Gas fraternity in 2006 and remains active to present. Since then, he has worked in various companies, from large multinational corporations to start-up companies. During this journey he has amassed very useful experience of distinct management styles, diverse set of colleagues, different cultures and various clienteles.

A specialist in Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Tendering & Commercial, he has also acquired basic knowledge in Supply Chain Management and Project Management. He aspires to learn more on Financial Management as part of his career development.

A former Shell Malaysia scholar, he graduated from a UK university and worked in the UK for 3 years before returning to Malaysia in 2005. He also had a brief working stint in Indonesia (2014-2018).

As a person, he is always enthusiastic, extrovert, driven, passionate and thrives in challenges.

An avid Manchester United supporter and he enjoys live music.

My skillsets include
Business Analysis
Business Planning & Analysis
Business Presentation
Leadership, Personal Branding, Partnerships, Business Development, Project Management, Event Planning
Oil & Gas
XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality)
My Working Experience
Job def
Manager, Business Development


May 2020 - Current

Manager, Business Development

My Education
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Sekolah Alam Shah

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Loughborough College

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Chemical Engineering


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