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Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

From dealing with a rogue client threatening to file a police report, he now actively services high-profile clients from CEO’s to investment funds. Fitri had no idea he would find himself running a full-suite website development agency at this scale when he first began.

Without having a design or development background, Fitri self-taught himself all the necessary skills and eventually found his way to being listed as a finalist in the 2017 Malaysian Website Awards (MVA 2017). Realizing that design alone served almost no purpose to the bottom line of most businesses. He made a leap. Having served the position of marketing specialist in the world’s largest digital stock agency that had over 22 million monthly active users. It was clear to him that marketing was the answer.

After immersing himself with the industry’s best like Russell Brunson, Donald Miller and Seth Godin, he developed a 5-step process that drives actual revenue growth for all his clients. In an industry where clients expect nothing more than a pretty website, Fitri regularly scores home runs for his clients with Website Artisan.

A client of Fitri’s managed to sell over RM16,000 worth of goods after being able to figure out the right messaging of this product. Having single-handedly founded a full suite web development agency that now averages contract sizes of 5-figures, he regularly gets invited to speak on topics of sales and business development.

My skillsets include
Brand and Marketing
Content Marketing
Website Design
Wordpress Website Development
My Working Experience
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Website Artisan

July 2017 - Current


My Education
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International Business Management

University of Nottingham

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
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