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Os insight 29ccb41a2518dd92a5ff3fc1375c06cc9e1ba2aa1bfc0b3ace6ad245e23880d2Career Insights

Speak directly to someone who has been there and done that. This 30 minute informal chat can cover any career topic such as industry and employer insights, job search help and career assessment.

Os screening b8bd22fd3308256c246a5b460c20df1ed8984e77ca1eb67a848d640def143932CV/ Coverletter Tips

Get feedback and tips from professionals working in the industry/company. Learn how to improve your CV or cover letter so it can stand out and help land you that interview!

Os interview 14fad5b62821fee709821555ffdbbbdce78699fb88f9b17434a696878e69ddf9Practice Interview

Practice makes perfect and having a practice session with a former/ current employee that has been through the ringer can really help you boost communication and confidence!

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