Is multi tasking a myth? Can we multi task and still do well in our role?

Hi Victor,

It will depend on what you define as multi-tasking. If you are thinking about the different caps we have to wear, then the answer is yes! We have been multi-tasking since we are young! We have all been students when we are in school, a child when we are at home, a friend when we are in a friendship. And we have succeeded in all those roles, some of course with much effort.

But, as always, it is the ability to compartmentalise each role and being able to prioritise all the different roles and task that sets one apart. It requires one to be aware about their self and what is being asked of them. Many often forget multi-tasking is not simply about what they can do, but also what they cannnot do.

For me to perform well at my various roles, I am aware of the different role I am playing and the strength and limitations that I bring into that role.

When I'm talking to the top management, I play the role of an advisor but I leave the decision making up to them, so I can succeed by broadening my mindset and not obsessed over getting my point of view approved.

When I'm talking to my team, I play the role of manager, thus I seek to draw out their views and ideas, but be clear that I will make the decisions and I will bear the outcomes so they can dump without fear.

Having clarity of who you are and the role you play will help you succeed to multi-tasking.