Help your students get the career they deserve

Help students connect to alumnis and mentors around the world.

Why be part of FutureLab?

Foster a strong sense of community at your university

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Connect your university students, alumni and mentors around the world & expands their professional networks

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Share updates with a community of prospective and current students, alumni, and parents who are engaged with your school

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Help your students gain valuable career advice and insights

Build your university’s reputation

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Share the university's mission, culture, and values

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Give prospective students insights to your university and recruit top talents

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Increase graduates employability

Get 30% discount on all prices for your students

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Benefits on being a part of FutureLab
  • Match your students with experienced professionals to gain one-to-one careers advice
  • Facilitate your students to develop personal and professional competencies
  • Set them apart from other students and graduates
  • Your students will gain a realistic insight into chosen profession
  • Help your students receive an Employability Report
  • Facilitate your students to receive mentee training and resources

Make a Difference

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Education Initiatives

Empower your alumni to give back to society and be a part of a collective impact

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Nurture the upcoming generation

Encourage alumnis to share their knowledge, keep connected to the university and play a crucial role in building a dynamic, enduring university community. Help graduates explore their options, find the right direction and give their careers a boost.

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