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We are a social learning community for mentees and mentors to come together to learn and share knowledge. Currently we are made up of students, working profressionals, and entrepreneurs from over 442 industries and 62 countries.

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We strive to provide the best mentoring journey to our community members and engage them in various way. In our effort to engage you better, we host events on a monthly basis. In 2017, we hosted over 26. Here are some of our highlights/ events testimonials.

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Bringing people together through events and webinars.

FutureLab On-Air: Unleashing Your Ability To Do More

Join us on the 18th of November in becoming a Type-P (Type-Productive & Type-Planner). The Real Planner is a social innovation firm that strives to unleash your ability to do...

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FutureLab Talks Tech

FutureLab Talks has been invited to give a talk on the Tech Industry at HELP University College. The specific content of FutureLab Talks Tech will be the different areas of the ...

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FutureLab On-Air: How to Become a Cradle Recipient?

What do the well-known startups such as Grab, iMoney, Wobb and many more have in common? They are all Cradle recipients. Do you want to know how to apply and secure funding f...

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Enabling knowledge not just for ourselves, but for the future generations.

You can be a part of a community which enables the future generation to get a better education that they deserve. For every subscription purchased, a portion will be donated to education initiatives we support


"The setting up of FutureLab is timely. The current economic climate has led to a fiercely competitive job market both within Malaysia and abroad. Fresh graduates and students would therefore benefit from having access to all necessary guidance before making the all-important decision of what career or job to opt into. FutureLab has made the making of that decision that much easier."

- Gregory Das, Mentor

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