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"If you're not sure, ask." I find FutureLab providing just that platform for what Gen-Y and Millennial go-getters need. The opportunity to talk with individuals who have been there done that helps shed clarity on the many dreams and visions we have, whether it's an area we would like to pursue or are considering.

- Melody Sim


A very meaningful insights on ACCENTURE and different field of consulting. I learnt a lot from this session and Kelly was really helpful in providing me with the necessary knowledge and feedback.

- Ryan Ong

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Brian was very forthcoming with insights into the startup scene in Malaysia, and he was happy to share all his experiences in starting a company. Brian has the rare combination of being an ex-management consultant and also a founder in a fast-growing startup. It was great to be able to talk to him about the differences in each industry, for someone like me that is considering both.

- Jonathan Kung

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