Audrey, Kang Yi
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Audrey, Kang Yi

VP of Growth

NEXT Academy







Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

Audrey has grown an education startup from low-6 figures to mid-7 figures in 1.5 years.

Her previous stints include:
- Marketing role at British American Tobacco
- Consulting for companies in 4 different industries: Airlines, property, energy and government.

Currently, she is overseeing the marketing team at NEXT Academy, the best coding school in South East Asia. Her biggest goal at NEXT Academy is to be able to foster the growth of highly innovative startups in SEA.

My skillsets include
Business Development
Data Science
Digital Marketing
Management Consulting
Oil and Gas
My Working Experience
Job def
VP of Growth

NEXT Academy

June 2015 - Current

- Grew NEXT Academy from low-6 figures to mid-7 figures
- Oversee the entire marketing team at NEXT Academy which dabbles with digital marketing, content marketing, conversion funnel optimisation and data analytics

Job def

Ernst & Young (EY)

March 2013 - February 2015

Project involvements are mainly in the private/ semi-private sector:-
- Assisted with valuations on: ICULS, Cross-currency interest rate swaps, Hedge effectiveness testing
- Facilitated the strategic direction development of a Special Purpose Vehicle (“SPV”) which is mandated to secure investors for business services activities
- Facilitated the development of a 5-year business plan for a township development company.
- Project managed an energy-related agency. My main involvement revolved around the strategic communications of the agency
- Led a work stream of a project under an aviation company concerning its inbound and outbound call centre
- Project managed PR and communication efforts during the aviation company's crisis and restructuring

Job def
Marketing Management Trainee

British American Tobacco

May 2011 - July 2012

1. Trade Marketing
- Establish relationship with trade partners
- Engaged & acquire potential BAT’s point-of-sale strategic outlets in a saturated tobacco market
- Led & organized below-the-line branding event
- Assisted in incentive scheme development for trade programmes
- Lead & manage an Independent-Ambassador program

2. Sales Marketing Executive
- Planned & collaborated with distributor’s supervisor on sales opportunity maximization for insufficient funds outlets.
- Successfully led Stronghold Identification Project to identify strongholds in 2 different aspects: 1) Merchandising stronghold, 2) Cigarette brand & flavor stronghold, for future targeting references
- Unconventional point-of-sales opportunity program proposed & executed

3. Trade & Consumer Insight Researcher
- Identified & articulated actionable SWOT analysis on state level
- Analyzed & identified Big 3’s strategic direction within different channels: Convenience, Grocery & Refreshments in quantitative terms whilst supporting with facts from qualitative research in regards to competitors’ marketing campaign, consumer segments’ characteristics & behavior
- Analyzed & presented product directions & brand communication strategies of competitors’ products
- Involved in 8 research projects on different phases

My Education
Business & Commerce and Communications

Monash University

June 2007 - November 2010

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
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