Who we are

FutureLab is a social learning community that aims to empower mentees to take charge of their careers by connecting them to global mentors who care.

What we do

FutureLab was built to help students and ambitious young professionals network with a wide range of industry experts and provide a platform where they can learn and ask questions to help them figure out what they want to do for their future careers and how to take it to the next level.

Our goals are to help students and young professionals:

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Find career mentors that can provide informal career insights based on their own working experience.

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Create your own Future. We want YOU to take charge of your career so that you can reach your goals and find happiness.

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Gain insights to make informed career decisions, so that you know what you are signing yourself up for.

FutureLab Values


Breaking down barriers

We believe that experience equals knowledge and everyone’s experience is worth sharing. We encourage people to practice open source information sharing because you never know who your experience may help, you never know who your story may inspire. More than just sharing information, FutureLab also creates a safe environment for people to come together to attain career insights and information that could help shape your future!

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Employing a growth mindset

We believe that life gives you lessons, as long as you are open to receiving them. We aim to create a community where people are motivated to share and learn from each other, which is why we also encourage mentors to book other mentors time. When you practice continuous learning, you will inevitably be teaching yourself to stay ahead and stay on top!

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Take control of your career

We want to create an environment where people are empowered to approach others to get the answers they need to make informed decisions about their career. We want to take away the overwhelming feeling of helplessness, loneliness and worthlessness that many associate with finding a job. Our goal is not just to help you find a job, but to give you the right tools you need to build a career that you love!

The Team

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Brian Tan
CEO & Co-Founder

Previously Senior Associate at Ethos & Company and worked for Accenture as a Strategy Analyst.

Using FutureLab is an easy and convenient way for working professionals to give back to the community and ensure the youth have the right information and guidance they need to make important career and life decisions.
Fungwei3 d93c1bf25b629e6478c9ebe633dbe6b446f2ce0129dfe4ab19ed673f5e8fe079
Fung Wei
CTO & Co-Founder

Co-Founder/CTO for GoGet. Previously Product Development Executive at YTL Communications, YES 4G.

FutureLab was created to help people find answers that they do not have a means to answer. For some, these answers will set the direction for their entire life to come.
Clarissa2 20e6f477f27a22412945251f997c825375a45aa3bef72f3b92d591c2c69f8440
Clarissa Chang
CCO & Co-Founder

Executive Director at EPIC DNA. Previously, Executive Assistant to the CEO of Zarian Group of companies.

To me, FutureLab is about changing the world, as we know it. Not just in terms of how to better plan your career advancement, but also how we gather information, make connections and network.
Joey d0c8e419522c3a797979b99c24785866fc8ac42675222afc9fa393d1efd36f5b
Joey Chan
Technical Lead

Previously a Technical Engineer at Kontrak PA Sdn. Bhd and keen problem solver.

FutureLab is an avenue I wish I had back when I just left high school. I took the safe route and studied Engineering, when I should have been figuring out what my real passion is in life. I think FutureLab can help others make a better decision than I did.
Ethan2 d2fb9ed64f3d74537437c5f60cb00e0f8ad65fd30fa50b6f7074888d5d0f9e6b
Ethan Loke
Product Lead

Previously a Full-Stack Developer and Co-Founder of Bedrock Restaurant Cafe.

Futurelab enables everyone to pick the minds of successful people. Success leaves clues, with FutureLab, you will able to pick up all the clues!
Khairul f60a20216ae2190e36260e1f5a14661d519f141d266349a4ea6978484144ed01
Khairul Idzham
UI/UX Lead

Previously a Freelance graphic designer and a web design enthusiast.

FutureLab empowers a person with the knowledge and the right mindset prior to joining an industry. Learning knows not, what an age is and it is better to learn late then never.
Jyp2 247c4e843b71439b4695ac8c4aa055ee4e87a8710e1096fd160d151e65c23289
Jo Yee
Marketing & Community Manager

Previously the Manager of AppAsia Talents Program.

FutureLab is an awesome community filled with people who wants to share and learn. I believe that learning never stops and FutureLab is a great platform to connect those with the same passion for knowledge.
Jo Yee

FutureLab is about giving back to the community

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Ready to make the connection?