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Dr. A.J

✔ TEDx Speaker | Storyteller | Mentor | Digerati








Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

I disrupt mindsets & businesses with emotional intelligence, purposefulness, and pure energy.

If you wanna know more, check me out at www.linkedin.com/in/ajminai/

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✔ TEDx Speaker | Storyteller | Mentor | Digerati


July 2017 - Current

“The most powerful person in the world is the story teller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.” – Steve Jobs.

I've been story-telling ever since I can remember. My passion is people. I train and coach our new generations across schools, universities, & corporates. My areas of focus are Generation X-Y-Z employability skills, Experiential learning, Sales & Digital transformations, and Brand leadership. I'm a catalyst of change, on a mission to help SouthEast Asia today evolve into a more balanced & entrepreneurial workforce tomorrow.

I don't think the term "trainer" or "coach" is an apt description of what we truly are. We aren't just subject matter experts with train-the-trainer credentials. We're more. We're Experiential story-tellers. To get where I am today, I spent years in different industries focused on people & business development before embracing the training industry. Which means our trainings are more real-world, engaging, yet relevant due to our industry experience.

Having worked as an enterprise business-development lead for over 12 years before this; I was the guy driving mission-critical presentations, building impact and relationships into the pitch, motivating others, & championing diversity and change on the whole. It took me years though to understand that its not just the business or revenue that incites passion in me. It's something deeper that creates a connection between me & audiences.

It's a sense of fulfilment derived from helping others see things differently from an entirely new perspective in life.

Its inherently, people...

And so that's what I do today.

Stuff I like: Developing fellow Millennials & Post-Millennials (Y&Z), The Digital Future, Experiential Learning, Emotional Intelligence, Public-Speaking, Yoga, Training, Muay-thai, & Profitable purposes.

If I can add value to yours or your brand's life, please email: [email protected]

Job def

Senior Technical Consultant


At Emerio, I was hired due to my technical background within projects related to digital transformation. Being an active player within the professional resourcing sector, Emerio positioned me as an outsourced strategic consultant within a handful of projects that were housed under their clients. My key capacities are anchored in sales engineering, digital 101 training for non-digitals, business intelligence, & account management. I worked on a variety of clients from the private & public sectors.

Job def

Chief Digital Officer & Co-Founder


Today as a Co-Founder & Partner at Xtrategize, I'm a coach, speaker, trainer but more than anything else; I'm a story-teller who engages Generation Y & Z through a matrix of life-skills which we call the EMPOWERS framework. This framework is the result of almost 6 months market research among the 3 partners here at Xtrategize in view of an increasingly competitive & volatile job market across the Asia Pacific.

We do this from an employability perspective to help Gen Y & Z truly understand that's it not just about being "cool" or being the next Zuckerberg. It's about being able to identify a purpose in life & then being "real" about making that purpose into actionable next steps so that it's of value to others and society overall.

I've committed myself to an SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) of Youth Development; with a self-imposed goal of empowering 5,000 Generation Y & Z through our EMPOWERS programme before end of 2020.

Why do we have young professionals today taking up to six months sometimes to find a job in Malaysia? Can it be blamed entirely on socio-economical circumstances? Or are we implying that Malaysians aren't smart enough? so is it down to I.Q? Or maybe it's something else entirely that's lacking? It has less to do with I.Q and more to do with E.Q in my opinion. I feel its about shifting mindsets at schools, at universities, and at workplaces. Have we stopped to consider that maybe education is a lot more than just creating an obsession for straight A's? This lack of all-roundedness is part of the reason why fresh graduates today have a much harder time finding a job here in Malaysia. I say this often during my engagements with youth across different schools & universities; "what's the use of being the smartest engineer or lawyer in the room if you can't articulate that brilliance or edge to someone else sitting across the table?".

In parallel, I also have a passion for digital transformation from an organisational as well as personal perspective of it being more than just a set of tools or technology; but instead a holistic mindset that should be championed by absolutely everyone within the company as a team effort, and not just IT or Marketing on its own.

While students & young professionals today may understand technology better by default because of the digital age they're born into; but that isn't the same thing as being able to truly "harness" digital towards a productive & psychologically balanced advantage in order to drive purposeful growth within their lives and careers.

Job def

Google Enterprise Accounts (LCS)

Lava Protocols

September 2013 - October 2013

Worked with Google to secure named accounts that were strategic in terms of growth within the Malaysian market. E.g. I was directly involved in Tune Group’s selection of “Google Apps for Work” for a number of its subsidiaries (Tune Hotels, Tune Money, etc)

Job def

Country Manager

iHome Systems

September 2012 - August 2013

􀀀 Driving the development of Sales pipeline & workforce.
􀀀 Sales & Key accounts management for all critical clientele (B2B & B2C)
􀀀 Strategising to orient solutions for Malaysian market (Localisation of product).
􀀀 Helps organize tools & policies for local support team configurations, training, customer management and solutions delivery.
􀀀 Identifying potential partners & collaborators to expand the products and market outreach.
􀀀 Implementation of knowledge retention mechanisms leveraging CRM.

Job def

General Manager (AGM): Strategic Sales & Distribution

Ascenteus Holdings

August 2009 - August 2012

Earned commendations for sales leadership throughout 3 years + tenure at Ascenteus Holdings:

􀀀 Quadrupled revenue from RM2.0 M to RM18.0 M+ in 2 years plus while expanding significantly into the B2B segments with large corporate customers like SP Setia, SimeDarby, IGB, Bina Puri...
􀀀 Landed company’s 1st institutional business sales contract (worth RM 1.1 million)
􀀀 Opened new distributor and VAR channels in 3 countries.
􀀀 Penetrated new market segments with first-time contracts in Healthcare, Property Development, and Wellness industries.
􀀀 Elected corporate spokesperson for subsidiary brands under Ascenteus Holdings including the “Institutional Business Kit”
􀀀 Awarded "Employee of the Year 2010" on the basis of sales leadership and performance.
􀀀 3 promotions all the way up to Assistant General Manager in 2.5 years +.

Job def

Account Manager - Summits (APAC) Sales

Marcus Evans

October 2008 - August 2009

Earned commendations for sales leadership throughout 1 year + tenure at Marcus Evans.

􀀀 Built one of the fastest sales pipelines worth RM 150,000 within the Congress division since its inception (9 sponsorship accounts within the first 3 months of being hired).
􀀀 Handpicked and promoted out of entire Congress division by the General Manager, into the Summits division on the basis of recognized performance and potential.
􀀀 Driving Summit sales worth RM 200,000 within four months.
􀀀 Analyzed market trends & competitors' position to determine best strategy for sales positioning.

My Education
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International University of Entreprenology

January 2017 - January 2018

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Technology Management

Staffordshire University

January 2006 - January 2008

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Computer & Information Sciences

Staffordshire University

January 2001 - January 2005

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