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Data Scientist








Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

A Data Scientist at AirAsia, passionate about building great products through data! I can guide you in getting your internship or first job as a data scientist/ data analyst or even software engineering. I find joy in helping others because I understand how it felt when I first started.
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My skillsets include
CV/Resume Guidance
Data Analytics
Data Science
Internship Experience
Machine Learning
Software Engineering
My Working Experience
Job def
Data Scientist


September 2019 - Current

Focusing on growth and building solutions for business processes

Job def
Data Analyst Intern

Kaodim Group

September 2018 - November 2018

Kaodim is built on the idea that everyone should be able to hire any service they want quickly, safely & reliably. Thus, my role is to use data to achieve this goal!

- Lead country analyst for Singapore, in-charge of adhoc queries, reports and data analysis for projects.
- Built various job request classification model using Keras's sequential model, Tensorflow CNN (Convolutional Neural Network), and Scikit-learn's SVC to evaluate their accuracy. Settled on CNN for it's accuracy.
- Worked on time series forecasting models using Facebook's Prophet.
- Used NLP such as textBlob, NLTK and Google Cloud Sentiment Analysis for data exploration and possible use-cases that could drive business decisions.
- Used mlextend to carry out Market Basket Analysis (MBA) on determining which services should be cross sold.
- Setup dashboards on Tableau for vendor engagement and data department.
- Helped out with career fair with the HR team at Asia Pacific University.
- Conducted SQL workshop to introduce and empower people coming from different departments to learn and use SQL for data extraction.

Job def
Data Analyst Intern

iCar Asia Limited

July 2017 - September 2017

iCar Asia provide a platform that has a potential to connect more than 600 million car buyers and sellers throughout ASEAN. Their website network currently enjoys more than 8 million visits from car buyers and enthusiasts each month.

I was in the Product and Technology Department.
- Produced classified monthly data trend reports shared to management team to determine effectiveness of product for training and business team by analyzing and visualizing data gathered from Kibana, Google Analytics, Yellowfin and Avanser.

- Pushed for new UI changes to view customer’s phone number into the IDealer App after analyzing relevant data, listened and gathered clients’ feedback for the IDealer App.

My Education
Software Engineering

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU)

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
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