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Nur Kaser International







Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

Founder of Nur Kaser International, Speaker,Trainer and Certified NLP Practitioner.A speaker at Universities and Women Empowerment Programs across Malaysia on “Brand Dynamics”

Bespoke University program especially designed for students & job seekers is on their X'Factor and branding during an interview and preparing them into the corporate world.
Trainer in Customer Journey Experience where we Map the wonderful journey of Hospitality.

A Program Coordinator with Zarith Sofia Foundation Negeri Johor “B40 Sponsor A Child Education Program ” Eliminate Poverty Through Education"

My skillsets include
Customer Experience Journey
Hospitality Training
Professional Training & Coaching
Speaker for University Program
My Working Experience
Job def

Nur Kaser International

January 2016 - Current

Nur Kaser International has landed. This is years in the making from valuable experience in setting up two previous training companies in Malaysia.

Why you need to speak with me?
Speaker, Motivator, Customer Journey Expert, Corporate Training & Etiquette and Deportment Guru.

A senior flight crew for the National Carrier for 23 years (2015) with vast experience in Customer Journey that has given her the leading edge in this subject.

Training since 2009 her talent was discovered by her mentor the late Datuk Dr Maznah Hamid the “Iron Lady of Malaysia” guiding her to where she is today. She is a vivid writer of "Brand Yourself for Success" and appeared in several talk shows on RTM1 on Motivation Training and Fitness.

Nur Kaser believes going beyond personal branding with her “Brand Dynamics-Your X’Factor journey, to start your career and excel in the chosen corporate path.

Experience at board level, managing teams to excel in their key performance indicators, ideally placed to deliver creative training solutions to clients on diverse topics.

Nur Kaser International training programs engages in gamification to build effective learning strategies that significantly improve learning. TNA is also a very important part of training which is neglected, thus we ensure comprehensive TNA is carried out prior to engaging in any trainings.

The 4 most important parts:
*Determining what is required to complete the work activity
*Determining the existing skill levels of the staff completing the work
*Determining the training gap
*Determining the best gasification for great learning outcomes.

Job def
Senior Leading Stewardess

Malaysian Airlines

April 1992 - August 2015

Flew for prestigious Malaysia Airlines for 23 Years
*Best Cabin Crew for 7years
*Finishing School in Hospitality-3months Programe
*Leadership & Mentoring
*CSR Program
*First Aid & Safety
*A380 Selected Crew for Inaugural flight from London to Kl

My Education
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NLP Practitioner Certification

Billy Kueek International

March 2018 - March 2018

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Hrdf Certified

Hrdf Malaysia

June 2009 - June 2009

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals
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