Should I go to university to take Software Engineering as my 3-4 years course with RM 100k+ debt ? Or go to an academy to learn front end web development for 10 weeks which only costs RM 11000+

If you go checkout NEXT Academy, you can start off with the 2 weeks Frontend web development bootcamp (RM3000+) and then decide if you really like coding fully before committing to the full stack bootcamp.

The full stack bootcamp is 2 weeks frontend + 8 weeks backend. You can just upgrade to the full stack one and continue with the remaining 8 weeks. Just keep in mind that learning at NEXT means you need to put in 110% effort!

I think what's most important is to find out if you like coding in the first place. I met people who only likes the idea of coding and what it could do but in the end, realised that it is not something that they would do. I've also known people who went to bootcamp first, realised they loved coding a lot and eventually continue to pursue Computer Science academically with Masters as a goal.