What can I do to increases my chances of getting a job in HR? I am thinking of changing career to HR. My current role is not really related to HR (recruitment, HR planning and etc). I have look through the job descriptions and many require experience in HR.
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Hi Michelle,

Good day to you and thanks for reaching out. As I have not seen your full portfolio / overall work experience, it's tough for me to comment much. I would also want to get your views especially on what's your ideal HR role?

Recruitment / Manpower Planning is one of the pillar under HR umbrella, so that's the reason why I asked this for clarification.

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Joachim Ooi

Hi Michelle,

HR is one of the most dynamic fields around and perhaps one with the lowest professional barrier required to enter, so don't fret too much about experience, especially at your level!

Perhaps you can start by talking to your HR team over at your current place of employment, also perhaps inquire if you are able to shadow them or even internally move to HR as part of our career development.

Expanding your network circle also helps. Whilst having HR experience in certain roles are certainly an advantage, one's passion, commitment, adaptability and willingness to learn is just as crucial to succeed and impress in any role, and HR is no different.

Start by actually applying to the roles you find interesting in HR, but not before doing your own research as to what the role entails (for example, how recruitment is different than Talent Management, How Payroll is different from Compensation) to see if its something that can actually maximise your strengths and potential. Be frank about your lack of exposure to HR, but at the same time also be able to express what you have learned about the role and how your current experience and strengths can lend towards succeeding in that role.

I always find that knowledge can be taught and skills can be learned but the drive and energy to succeed can only come from the individual. I have stopped asking about one's qualifications or current job when interviewing them, especially in the more junior roles but would spend more time engaging on what they, as a talent and individual, can bring to the table and drive the team forward.

Dear Michelle,
I am a lawyer by profession and a HR practitioner by experience and passion! So, it is ok to want to switch, if you feel this is what you want to do.
If you want to switch careers into HR, I will advice you to first really understand the different roles within the function, so that you can ascertain what specific area you are interested in. You will then be able to figure out if you have the skills / knowledge / interest.
Switching careers may mean that you have to start from the bottom, or at a lower level that you currently are, so you need to decide if you are prepared for it.
Read about HR. Most of it is common sense. However, there are frameworks and theories that you can learn along the way. Some areas are more technical like rewards and industrial relations. So, it is important that you keep yourself informed.
Hope this helps. Stay in touch.