[Live Interview] FutureLab On-Air: Behind the Scenes of District 13 Gym
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[Live Interview] FutureLab On-Air: Behind the Scenes of District 13 Gym


8:00PM - 9:00PM


The Founder of District 13 Gym, Matthew Chong, started his career off as a recruiter. Along the way, he turned his love and passion for exercise into a business. District 13 is no ordinary gym. It provides guidance, form and technique coaching, fitness education, and so much more than a regular gym.

Join us for this exclusive on 23rd August, 8.00pm to know,

a. how and why Matthew made the career shift
b. the inception of District 13 Gym
c. insights into the Malaysian fitness industry
d. how you can get a kick start in the fitness industry

and be inspired to be in better shape mentally and physically.

Register now because this interview is not to be missed!

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