CampusHero June Meetup: Chill With Mentors
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June meetup 2018
CampusHero June Meetup: Chill With Mentors

Talentbank Career Discovery Centre

10:00AM - 1:00PM


[Ticket Sales Closed!]

It's June. It's time for another CampusHero Mentor Coffee Session.

The Coffee Session meetup is meant to enable students and mentors to mingle in a free and CASUAL manner, in hopes that the two parties will be able to learn and gain as much as possible from the free exchange of dialogue, ideas and stories.

This time around, we will be bringing in mentors from a diverse range of background and profession! Public Relations, Marketing, Engineering, Law, Startup and more. If you have any specific curiosity, inquiries or just general wonderment, do join us and have your curiosity satiated!

[What this opportunity entails?]
1. You could learn more about careers and professions that you are interested in or have never even thought of before!
2. This is an chance to network directly with working professionals and people who may be working in industries and companies of your interests! A solid network is always desirable.
3. A platform for you to get to know your fellow peers, aspiring entrepreneurs and the student communities who are together in this journey with you.

Free ticket worth RM199 to NECC 2018!
More info:

[Light food and beverages will be provided and included with the purchase of this ticket.]

Hope to see you there!

Best Regards,
The CampusHero Team


Event Ended


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