Group Mentoring Session: 5 Career Mindsets You Need
Ellen chua session

Group Mentoring Session: 5 Career Mindsets You Need


8:00PM - 9:00PM

Timezone (GMT+08:00)



Went through all the job search strategy videos on YouTube, got a long list of career advice, read all the must-read personal development books, tried faking it till you make it... but still don’t feel confident? Maybe it’s your mindset.

Join this group mentoring session to:

-Understand the Reason Why Mindset is Key to Career Happiness
-Bust Myths about Mindset
-Learn about the 5 Career Mindsets You Need
-Practice Mindfulness: The First Step in Mindset Building

Our Mentor Ellen is a career fulfillment coach with formal certification in transformative coaching and more than 120 hours of coaching experience. She is also the regional manager at SG Support, a social enterprise creating freedom for charities in Indonesia and Thailand. Ellen has made several major career changes in her life, from an investment banker, to a research analyst, to a sales and marketing manager, and now a regional manager and side hustler. She is also fiercely committed to self-love, investing thousands of dollars already into health and fitness and personal development.

Come join this complimentary session and your bright future starts here and now! Only limited to 3 slots so hurry up!

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