MentorClass: How to Make your Virtual Meeting Effective and Interesting?
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MentorClass: How to Make your Virtual Meeting Effective and Interesting?


8:00PM - 9:00PM

Timezone (GMT+08:00)



One of the key challenges that we usually face during a virtual meeting is that most audiences prefer to close their webcam and choose not to interact with the speaker throughout the meeting. So, without engagement and interaction, speaker will have a tough time to deliver their message and it often causes the meeting to become very boring. By knowing how to make the virtual meeting effective and interesting, not only the speaker will be able to build a rapport with the audiences, we can even utilize this technique to enhance our profile and personal branding!

FutureLab is proud to feature our esteemed mentor to shed light on this topic in a greater detail. Kenny Lee, a Sales Communications Coach will share with you some of the effective ways on how to make your next virtual meeting effect and interesting!

From the sharing, you will be learning on:

1. How to utilize your PPT to get audiences respond
2. What are the best method to get your audience engaged
3. Effective ways to get your audience ON their camera throughout the meeting
4. How to set the right presentation mode

Bring your friends and colleague to join this session to learn all about making virtual meeting effective and interesting with Kenny! LIMITED SLOTS ONLY


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