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Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

I am in a mission to build products and services which will bring positive impact to 1 billion people around the world. I strive to inspire people to unlock their actual potential.

I believe the Internet is the greatest revolution mankind will ever experience. It will see the extinction of geographical borders, destroy political and social divides, crush racial and gender discriminations and defeat many more unfair advantages.

My interest revolves around working in spaces which will help people to make positive impact in their lives.

To get in touch with me, email me [email protected]

"It isn't the first time that innovations or new business models have challenged the existing order. It has happened before and it will happen again" - Glenn Stevens, RBA

My skillsets include
Leadership Development
Organisational Development
Team Dynamics
growth management
scale up
My Working Experience
Job def
Leadership & Executive Coach

Guru Coaching

January 2019 - Current

I coach business leaders, executives and startup founders who thrive to put a dent on the universe.
I inspire people to make positive impacts in their life and help them to unlock their true potential.
I believe happiness and living a purposeful life takes precedent over money and profits.
I also strongly believe and advocate a happy workforce and a happy workplace for better productivity.
A team which is motivated by a purpose driven mission will go any lengths to ensure the success of a business.

Job def
Founder, CEO

January 2018 - Current

We help people to re-skill, up-skill and multi-skill themselves.
We do this by making the discovery process of a suitable training program seamless and easy.
One portal, A plethora of courses, Easy to use.
We are was born in 2017 after I struggled to find a suitable training program for myself and my team.
There were a gazillion of email newsletters notifying me about conferences , workshops ,seminars - from a gazillion number of training providers and organisers . Most of these email newsletters went unnoticed by ending up in my spam folders . Some of which I really wanted to attend . Then there were some which were way beyond my training and seminar budget .

Rather than chucking away this problem , I searched for a solution.
With my team and I are in a mission to make the task of discovering and purchasing up skilling programs effortless.
With many more features in the future to make training programs affordable , will change lives. We believe that making continuous education easy ,affordable and simple is the key to success , growth and a fulfilling life .Help us to spread our mission with your friends and collegues and earn a tonne load of good karma.

Job def
Managing Director

Addictive Media Sdn Bhd

January 2007 - Current

Addictive is an integrated marketing agency which combines online, experiential and traditional offline marketing ideas with an obsession to metrics and measurement — with the all-important goal of solving your business problems in the most effective way possible.

We communicate and market your ideas, not just broadcast them. Online and offline. For big screens and small. For well-established brands and for the ones unheard of. Across traditional channels and not-so-traditional ones.

My Education
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Certified Master Performance Coach

International Coaching Federation

November 2018 - February 2019

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Creative Leadership

Berlin School of Creative Leadership

February 2014 - March 2014

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Recording Arts

Middlesex University

January 2003 - July 2005

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals