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Mike (Mustafa)

Customer Engagement Manager








Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

Every time I learn something new that would have a significant impact on the way I do my job and would have a significant long-term impact on my career, I tell myself, I wish that I had learned this earlier.

Earlier can be any time. It can be in School, University, First Job, etc.

But the thing is, it is never too late to learn something.

One of the most important philosophies in life that I have learned is to pass the knowledge, discover the flaws, and improve what we have to offer.

I aspire to help others and learn from them as much as they hope to learn from my limited experience.

Media & Publishing
Campaign Management
Branding, Marketing and Communication
Content Management
Cross Functional Processes
Internal Processes
User Onboarding
Customer Engagement
Customer Experience
My Working Experience
Job def

Customer Engagement Manager


September 2017 - Current

Customer Engagement Manager

Job def

Content Developer

Times Media

May 2015 - May 2017

Work closely with a team of education specialist to develop content related to preparatory work for high school leavers and university Freshmen.

Worked Closely with Malaysiakini in developing material related to local and foreign universities.

Job def

Resources Management

GVS Pvt Ltd

March 2013 - May 2014

Working with various clients from around the world to assist them in managing and reducing operational and informational clutter of large organizations.

Using various solutions, clients share a wide range of data about their business (clients, sales, products, members, subscribers, etc) that requires special care.

I would like to mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals