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Energy Optimisation Specialist

GCU Consultants







Hi there! Let me introduce myself.

Experienced Engineering Advisor & Consultant with 15 years of proven track record in building Operational Excellence (OE) & Organizational Capability (OC) for Drilling & Completion (D&C) teams across Asia Pacific. Managed, optimized and provided technical & operational solutions for D&C projects at various offshore & onshore facilities. Extensive involvement in improving workflow between reservoir and D&C teams for safer and faster well execution and delivery. Great cross-functional leadership skills that have aided in defining and executing complex engineering projects successfully. I have recently expanded my expertise into renewable energy engineering and see it as a necessity to improve efficiency of existing energy resources and the way forward to finding sustainable energy solutions for our future generation. Listed below are my professional expertise:
• OE & OC Implementation
• Project Management & Optimization
• Well Planning & Execution
• Casing & Tubing Design Expert
• Risk & Uncertainty Management
• Energy Optimization Specialist
• Technical & Leadership Training
• Renewable Energy Engineering
• Registered Energy Manager
• Diversity & Inclusion Champion

My skillsets include
Training and Development
Cross Functional Leadership
Oil & Gas
Renewable Energy
Energy Efficiency
My Working Experience
Job def
Energy Optimisation Specialist

GCU Consultants

March 2019 - Current

Energy Optimisation Specialist

Who I can help mentor
  • Students
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Working Professionals