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How does one bring in the confidence to apply for a job position without having the right skills. There many cases where employees take up a job which is totally irrelevant from the previous and still strive.

Hi Dhanisha,

First ask yourself why? If it makes more sense, always just believe in one thing any skills can be learnt as long as you have the right mindset and passion. If you have passion about it you will strive on the job. You will face failures, but still those are learning curves that's the process. Even if you have 90% skill you have same chances of failure. But if you have an attitude that you will persist and believe in it, you will succeed. With in that process you might find your purpose of your life. Have an open mind.

For example my career, I am a BSc Physics graduate and Diploma in Multimedia. I chose multimedia as my career and became graphic designer. But over the period I wanted more challenge and then went and explored Web development, then became Head of IT support, from there became Head of IT. I still wasn't fulfilled and became Head of Product and Innovation. I have almost found my purpose of my life is to empower people and bring new innovation. If I haven't take the initiative to go and explore the blue ocean, I wouldn't be able to found my purpose of my life. Keep learning. Cheers.

It's not about having the right skills. It's about having the right mindset. And yes it is still about confidence. The question now is can you confidently show that you will GROW? And most importantly, follow through, adapt quickly and persevere? (i'm sure you can :) )