How do you push through your worst times?

First thing I do is put it into my mind that the scenario that I'm currently facing isn't exclusive to me. It's something that's probably happened to someone else while on the flip side, things could have been worst - this keeps me grounded and grateful in despite of the circumstances.

Pushing through tough times is truly a mental game. That's why it's important to keep the mind, body and soul in-tact through the process. Meditation for the mind, prayer for the soul and exercise for the body is important to me - all must be working together in order to keep things going.

Finally, the key point to pushing through tough times lies in the word itself - pushing. Just keep pushing and continue seeking ways through. I believe that there are things within our control and there are things we can't control - focus on that which you can. Compartmentalize the problems into smaller chunks and keep solving them as I go.