How important is branding on social media platforms are for us these day when it comes to sourcing for job opportunities? Does it matter? Do we need to be consciously aware of how we portray ourselves online especially on Linkedin?

Hi Victor,

Very good question and it seems to be a very hot topic these days in Malaysia. People get fired by the company just because of an insensitive comment on FB.

So I must say, personal branding is definitely important when it comes to your personal social media.

The quickest screening method any recruiters/talent acquisition team will use is always social media, be it FB or LinkedIn. My personal experience was a recruiter once commended how well managed my LinkedIn profile was during the pre-screening call.

The first impression will always leave the deepest memory in anyone. So, yup, be wise when you post anything on social media, because you will never know who is watching you.

As a graduate trainer, I always encourage young graduate to explore on Personal branding because it always offers numerous benefits to a person's life and career. Social media is one of the biggest ways for you to manage your personal brand online. Also, it helps in building confidence while gaining trusts, authenticity and credibility. It is important that people know that building their branding is important and helpful. When you engage in personal branding, you make the effort to manage the way you present yourself to others.

The most important part is to understand each and every social media platform specially like LinkedIn is not Facebook