How would I negotiate a higher pay from a company that I've been working for a long time?

Hi Jillian, before we answer we first need to understand how long is your "long time". Usually in the corporate world every year you should have at least a 3% increment. If you have not gotten any, then you may want to discuss with the HR folks on their increment policy first.

Then look at your own personal contributions or value proposition to the organization; you will need to quantify that first BEFORE going into any negotiation "battle". Hence do your own personal SWOT analysis to see your value and dont forget to get a friend to help you with that to ensure "wholesomeness".

Many small and family based businesses overlook the these things as they may be too focused on revenue generation activities.

Therefore use the 5W2H to get your storyline right in ensuring you get that higher pay.

Hope that helps. All the best Jillian.

If you know you deserve it, just ask for it. The answer is either Yes or No. The answer wont be, you are fired.