I have got a job offer from a international well-known mobile phone manufacturer company. The work location is at Dubai. It sound attractive with their well-known brand and remuneration. But during the stages of documentation compilation and related pre-employment arrangement, they shown me very unprofessional working attitude and it has affected me so much until I have feeling reluctant to join. Of course, I will need to invest at least RM 10K on the initial to join the company make me feel the pain as well. But I am still admire with their brand name and the overseas job opportunity. I am do not know what should I do. Hope someone can guide me here. Appreciate it.

Hi Su,

Often times, if you start feeling uneasy about the company and how they treat me, even during the interview process, it is a big red flag.

What put me off is they require you to invest RM 10k before joining them. A genuine employer would not ask you to invest first, unless there's shares/equity involved.

My personal gut feel and advice are rejecting them, as you will only be even unhappier with the working environment within 3 months (based on personal experience as well).


I would agree with Jethro. No company would ask you to make an upfront payment of RM 10,000 unless you're buying in to the company for shares. I would suggest you to contact the company directly as some people may impersonate as a recruiter/employee of the company.

Good luck!

I agree with the comments made earlier, Having lived in UAE for 5 years, I can tell that a company of repute that hires talent from outside the country does not ask you to pay upfront for anything. It is their responsibility to get you there.