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What mindsets helped you build a startup?

Good question - Your mindset is extremely vital in how you consitently build and maintain your business. I keep these few mindsets close:

- There will always be someone better than you, HIRE that person!
- Be ready for change. Pivot when needed and stretch yourself
- Whatever you do, it's a "people business"
- People are your biggest asset. Invest in them
- Relentless persistence and commitment
- Always find partners to complement your abilities
- Leverage!
- Have vision. Set common goals.
- Celebrate small / big wins. Acknowledge losses. Fail forward.

and lastly, once you start to grow...
- Don't go where your talent can bring you but your character cannot sustain you

Have a good combination of mind (logic), heart (emotions) to lead, grow and sustain your business.

11 months ago

Hey Greg,

Recent posted about "Top 10 Tips For Entrepreneurs" by Tony F. Hopefully this article will help you out.