How do you define success and how do you invest your time properly?

How do I define success?
Success is the ability to live our lives to our fullest potential as any human being (whatever circumstances we are in), to be able to improve the lives of others and the generations to come.Every single day that we are alive, it is on a human level,a success - the success of having being able to survive the next day, in order to further replicate the human species and do the best we can within our own sets of limitations. We do this in order to show the next generation of humans, a better way to live, a better way to survive, a better way to adapt to the incoming changes & hardships of the world - so that we may be able to further survive & replicate & advance humanity.

Many of us live our lives in fear, many of us live our lives in our own comfort zones, many of us live our lives to live up to other people's expectations, not our own potential.

How do I invest my time properly?
My time is invested in making decisions for every action that I take - a decision that I would not die regretting.
Similar to Jeff Bezo's "Regret Minimization Framework" - we live each and every moment making decisions that we would not regret if you were to die unexpectedly the next second.

Therefore, I invest my time daily according to my life priorities and values. God, Life Partner + Family,and Work.

Thankfully, I found and cultivated my passion & life goal by developing people - so I spend my days coaching & developing others to find breakthrough in their lives, showing them paths to Paradigm Shifting opportunitues - and that is how I live my life to the fullest potential everyday within my own sets of constraints.


Success is directly proportionate to Happiness. And I am most happy when I get to do what matters to me.

It's about prioritising what is important to you. And then allocate your time accordingly to what matters to you.

"Success" is a subjective term that differs from one person to another. I believe that a person's idea of success changes as they mature as well. For example, if success to you right now is your health, then you'd naturally start prioritizing it over everything else that's going on in your life right now. I don't believe in not having the time to do something because if you want it bad enough, you'll somehow find the time for it. Personally, I schedule things that I want to do in my Google Calendar because I have a shoddy memory. That's how I hold myself accountable and make sure that I don't have any excuses to not do it when the time comes.