What are some of the tips to accelerate your career path?

Hi Greg!

For me, find a boss who likes you, not just a job you love or you are good at. If they like you, they will want to help you excel. However, this does not mean you should kiss asses. Just do the best you and always have a humble attitude and learning mentality. Just like a saying I love: Confidence is silent, insecurities (and arrogance) are loud. Ok fine, i tweaked the saying a bit but I think you get what I mean ;) All the best!


Quoted from 1 of Jack Ma's talk:
1. Know what you have (quali, skillset, experience, exposure, etc)
2. Know what you want (industry, pos'n, loc, learning, etc)
3. Know what you are willing to scarify/ tradeoff for (time, money, opp cost etc)
All the best...